Electrico/Warrior & Bucanero/Aguila on 12/03, Copa Jr. returns

CMLL held a press conference this afternoon, to hype upcoming events.

  • CMLL’s final major show of the year (Sin Piedad) will take place on 12/03. It’ll be a double main event of Electrico vs Pequeno Warrior in a mask vs mask match, and Mr. Aguila vs Rey Bucanero in a hair vs hair match.

    Electrico, who must be a favorite to win the bodybuilding contest in the minis division, has never had a singles apuesta match (though he’s been in some of the massive cage ones.) “Pequeno Warrior” defeated Bracito de Oro for his mask earlier this year. Prior to that, he lose his mask as Mini Psicosis back in 2005. He remasked far sooner than allowed under lucha commission regulations, but he would lose his mask outside that window, if it he is the loser. Warrior is threatening to teach Electrico respect for his elders.

    Rey Bucanero vs Mr. Aguila is actually a rematch from four years ago. Back then, Bucanero & Tarzan Boy defeated Damian 666 & Mr. Aguila, back when Mr. Aguila’s invading faction was Los Perros del Mal. Aguila hasn’t lost yet, but hasn’t been in one. Bucanero lost his hair, teaming with Lizmark Jr. vs Shocker & Black Warrior, where the match changed greatly at the last minute.

    Mr. Aguila made his flight this time and signed the contract.

  • Yes, another tournament. Copa Junior, last seen in 2006, makes another return this December. Tournament will have blocks on 12/10 and 12/17 with the final on a special Christmas Day show on 12/25. (Friday show being moved to Saturday.)

    Copa Junior is a tournament exclusively for second (or more) generation luchadors. It should not be hard for CMLL to find 16 of those – it’ll be hard to only pick 16. The reigning Copa Junior champion is Dos Caras Jr. I’m under the impression he will not be defending the title. Other past winners are Emilio Charles Jr. in 1996 and Shocker in 2005.12/10 Block: Volador Jr., Olimpico, Rush, Dragon Rojo Jr. (fake junior), Sombra, Felino, La Mascara, Mephisto, Maximo, Shocker12/17 Block: Mistico (Dr. Karonte exists!), Texano, Rotoporky, Averno, Angel de Oro, Hector Garza, Delta, Misterioso, Hijo del FantasmaEdit: If I count, that’s 9 in each block. I guess I shouldn’t count! If you count, that’s 10 in Block A. The news bit says they’ll have 20. Anyway, there’s something with the winner of the battle royal goes to the end, but it doesn’t really make since with 10 a block. Guess we’ll see.

    By my count, this is the 8th tournament this year:

    • Mexico National Trios (finished in 2010)
    • National Parajes Incrieble Tournament
    • Gran Alternativa
    • CMLL Universal
    • Copa Bicentario (minis)
    • Copa Bicentario (major)
    • Arena Coliseo Tag #1 Contenders

    Also, there was a random trios tournament on 08/13 and GDL had the Occidente LH tournament.

  • Mascara Dorada is no longer a Mexican National Trios champion. Dorada just explained he had to focus on other things. In a complete change from the norm, Metro & Stuka will get to continue being champions, and there will be a poll on CMLL.com to determine the new member of the team. You can’t see this, because this is text on your screen, but I am rubbing my hands together while smiling evilly.

    There is no lucha libre commission. Fantasma has the best job ever.

  • CMLL participation in NJPW was announced.

    For the 01/04 Toyko Dome: Hector Garza (???), Strongman, Sombra and Mascara Dorada

    For the 01/22 & 01/23 NJPW/CMLL shows: Maximo, Atlantis, Sombra, Okumura, La Mascara, Taichi, Averno, and Mascara Dorada will represent CMLL. The NJPW press release specifically mentioned Mistico, but he went unmentioned here. I don’t like the idea that Taichi counts as one of CMLL.Rematch of Mascara/Sombra/Dorada vs Taichi/Okumura/Tanahashi for the CMLL Trios titles?

  • Dorada & Terrible’s returns are unclear, but Mephisto is on target to wrestle tomorrow. No one mentioned Pegasso :(
  • Other schedule changes: 12/12 (Sunday @ Coliseo) will be the fan appreciation show, 01/09 (Sunday) will probably also be since it’s in Arena Mexico, and 01/07 (Friday) will be a Dia de Reyes show. The Friday shows on 12/24 and 12/31 will be pushed to 12/25 and 01/01.
  • Rayo de Jalisco will appear in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara on 12/05.

Fuego en el Ring has a good interview with Texano talking about his tour in NJPW. He was proud to be in the heavyweight division instead of the usual Mexican as a junior heavyweight. He says Terrible got hurt in the match with Giant Bernard and Karl Anderson. That match was on 11/01 – Terrible wrestled four more matches. Texano still feels like he’s getting used back to the pace of lucha libre after being in Japan, but is aiming at the world tag team titles once Terrible come back.

A poster on Box Y Luchas says they talked to Ultimo Guerrero about his triple b0oking. Ultimo Guerrero said he will be in Toluca, Ephesto will take his place in Chilpancingo, and he’s not certain about Arena Mexico.

Tercera Caida has all you need to know about the last week in 10 minutes. This is a very good idea.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news report, this week’s Ras de Lona, and video of Los Exoticos in UWA.


11/20-21 Lucha Times


I’m uncertain about a lot of the minor shows in Mexico. I haven’t seen a Puebla or Perros show for download in a long while, and TVC Deportes isn’t really updating their listings. I’m under the impression Perros are just showing reruns to keep the slot warm, and Puebla has disappeared, but I don’t know if that’s right. Week 2 of Lucha Libre Premier has not turned up, so I’m still not sure if they’re stretching it out like last year.

AAA: 90 minute show (though Galavision doesn’t have this right on all the airings.) Psycho Circus vs Perro del Mal, take 1. Super Fly hangs out with the most obvious planted fans in some time. People from Japan!

52MX: Angels vs Tuareg, 2Casas/Ephesto vs Fantasma/Toscano/Valiente

LATV: if a new one airs, we may be onto Tuareg vs Pegasso/Cometa/Azteca + Cancerberos vs 2D/Angel de Oro. Only the top 2 aired from this taping, so they could air other stuff.


CMLL: Rush vs Polvora in a preview of next week’s bodybuilding contest, Pesta Negra/UG vs Invasors

AAA: the AAA taping happening tonight.

AAA-LLP: if a new episode aired, maybe Mesias/Electro vs Ciber/Herandez.

CMLL-FOX: 2D/Fuego vs Euforia/Sangre/Okumura + Garza/Taichi/Volador vs Porky/Maximo/Mistico

CMLL-C3: top 4, including Fantasma/Mascara/Mistico vs Atlantis/Felino/UG

CMLL-GDL: bonus match is Gallo/Neutron vs bald Evola/Exterminador. Pass?

ACM: if new, it’ll be local action: Silencio/Simbolo vs Demonio/Veneno Xtremo

IWRG: they’ve switched back and forth between Thursday and Sunday, but I’m thinking the tag title change (and, more interesting, Diabolicos vs Terry/Cerberos) airs.


CMLL-TFN: Dark Angel/Amapola, Avernos vs Sombra/Toscano/Volador, No Limit/Okumura vs Terrible/Texano/Vangelis. Who’s better, Okumura or Vangelis?