Mexico, Guadalajara, Dorada, clone war

CMLL (TUE) 11/16 Arena Mexico [Cesar, CMLL]
1) Artillero & Súper Comando b Bengala & Freesbe
2) Dalys la Caribeña, Lluvia, Luna Mágica DQ Amapola, Princesa Sujei, Zeuxis
3) Ángel de Oro, Delta, Fuego b Cancerbero, Loco Max, Raziel
4) Shocker, Toscano, Valiente b Sangre Azteca, Texano, Vangelis
5) Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, Místico b Atlantis, Felino, Último Guerrero

Again, not a lot going on here. Maybe we’re already in the offseason? Clean wins for Mistico & Mascara in the main event. Sangre Azteca replaced Mephisto, who’s probably not yet cleared to return.

Women’s match went two falls. Sujei was eliminated, but came back to attack Luna Magica. Maybe short women’s match = opener airs?

CMLL (TUE) 11/16 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Javier Cruz Jr. b Quca
2) Black Metal & Metatrón b Ángel del Mal & Templario
3) Gallo & Neutrón b Evola & Exterminador
4) Mascarita Dorada, Meteoro, Shockercito b In Memoriam, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Warrior
5) Dragón Rojo Jr., Héctor Garza, Taichi b Máximo, Rush, Sagrado

Rush filled in for Dorada. In the third, Dragon Rojo faked a low blow, Maximo argued it with referee Loco Estrada, and Dragon Rojo popped back up to cradle him for the win. These things seem to happen to Maximo.

In Memoriam got moved up to replace Mini Universo 2000. Segunda got all changed around. has announced Mascara Dorada’s replacements for the rest of the week:
11/19 (Arena Mexico): Super Porky
11/21 (Arena Coliseo): Shocker

Hopefully it’s the start of a trend for announcing replacements.

On this Sunday’s Arena Cuatro Caminos show, the tercera was scheduled to be Drakon, Pit-Bull, Rió Bravo II vs Hombre Sin Miedo, Sobredosis and a mystery luchador. The mystery man came to the ring with his head hidden under a hood, but pulled it off to reveal himself as the original Rio Bravo! The story here is the first Rio Bravo had an issue about his pay (perhaps with the local promoter who booked them to AAA?) and left, so they just put the mask on another guy from the area and never mentioned (though everyone Nuevo Laredo knew about it.) Looks like they’re going to run the Rio Bravo vs Rio Bravo feud starting with a super libre match next week. Maybe the Rio Bravos are savvier than the Psicosis’s.

El Brazo replaced Mesias in the main event, which is

Psycho Clown says Alan Stone should look in his mirror one last time, because the Psycho Circus will disfigure his face at tomorrow’s taping. Poor Alan.