11/13-14 Lucha Times


AAA-US: Most time seems to go to Chessman/Hernandez/Zorro vs Cuervo/Parka/Ozz, though the handcuff match with 187 and Maniacos seemed to go the longest. Militia (now with Tito) take on Argenis/Crazy/Gato in a sure sign they were running another show this night.

CMLL 52MX: Women’s Trios, and things go poorly for Mephisto.

CMLL LATV: yea, right.

CMLL TF: Appears to be on at 4pm Eastern on Sunday, but watch it change again. Matches are Angels/Fabian vs Pandilla Yoghurt + Panther/Fantamsa/Dorada vs Averno/Mephisto/Okumura.


CMLL: currently listed as 90 minutes. We’ll see. Enough time for the lightning match, Invasors vs Peste Negra (the return!) and more Dragon Rojo vs Mistico.

AAA: Do not miss the exciting debut of El Illegal. Also, Tiger & Jack return from Japan to team with Aerostar vs the Militia and the minis may make TV.

AAA Fox: Cibernetico/Hernandez vs Parka/Psycho + Mesias/Electroshock vs Tiger/LA Park.

CMLL Fox: Cancerberos vs Angels/Fabian, Porky/Maximo/Shocker vs Hector/Negro/Volador.

CMLL C3: Atlantis vs the Invasors. Rush vs Polvora in a bodybuilding contest preview.

CMLL TVCD: Puebla still off? Probably.

ACM: They’ve been airing the semimain lately, and Silenco/Simbolo vs Demonio/Veneno is the semimain here.

PdM: Reruns? Off?

IWRG: Psycho Circus + Pirata vs Dinamitas.


CMLL TFN: No Limit/Okumura vs Terrible/Texano/Vangelis + Mistico/Shocker/Strong Man vs Averno/Felino/Negro