top six stories of the last two weeks

1) Rough two weeks for Perro Aguayo Junior: the Perros del Mal show in Cuautitlan was canceled at the last minute, Perrito appeared under the influence on the Tlalnepantla TV taping, and he underwent knee surgery. The knee surgery is surely legitimate, but it’s also a pretty easy cover story for his recent behavior.

2) Rough two weeks for the Invasors: lost title matches for the Women’s and Tag Titles, and lost the tag team titles to Dragon Rojo & Ultimo Guerrero. Mr. Aguila won a cibernetico, but only after it was clear he should’ve been given the loss and was the lesser men. It’s inconceivable any of them will be main eventing a major show. At least one that hopes to draw.

3) Good week for Cibernetico. Despite not actually winning, he assembled four Bizarros: Taboo, Scoria, Amadeus, and Nygma. At some point, they may actually even have a match (right after the Skull Mask guy.)

4) Lucha Libre USA announced an actual season 2, with taping starting on 12/12 and airing still TBD.

5) Lucha Libre Premier announced an actual season 2. They’re actually airing already.

6) Zorro beat Nicho for his hair in a non-TV match.

Other stuff
– Mephisto landed on his head, and will be on bed rest for a week. Terrible & Pegasso are also out of action.
– Arlequin Negro lost his mask.
– AAA & CMLL wrestlers were (and are) in Japan tournaments. Extreme Tiger/Jack Evans have done the best, making it to the semifinals
– Guerra de Titanes will be on 12/05 in Zapopan.
– El Illegal debuted for AAA.

8 thoughts to “top six stories of the last two weeks”

  1. DTU fan took offense to things I said didn’t make the list?!?!?!

    No Tony Rivera no-showing again???

    AAA guys sure get treated better than their CMLL counterparts on these Japan tours.

  2. I’m waiting for the Sexy Star/Rob twitter debate, which I’m SHOCKED Rob didn’t get around to doing back when she was one of the first to bring up the “yoluchonodanzo” tag, which had cubs immediately asking if that was a joke.

    Some of these folks on twitter need to be less sensitive. Not everyone is gonna like the same thing.

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