11/06-07 Lucha Times


as noted earlier on Twitter: Mexico started Daylight Savings Time last weekend. That means everything is happening an hour earlier than usual on Saturday. (We catch up on Sunday.) On the chart, I’ve got the Mexico times listed with their local time, but that’s effectively one hour later in the US & Canada.

This is as good a place as to note posts might be light this weekend. I’ve already got an open thread post scheduled to show up Saturday if I don’t have time for news. The usual video links may be late as well.

AAA-US: La Secta has their first match since joining Team AAA at Heroes Inmortales (and comes off as a bigger deal this time.) Militia face Laredo/SuperFly and Lider/Nicho and aren’t really the focus of either. Main is Hernandez/Park/Zorro vs Mesias/Parka/Octagon.

52MX: now that tournament is over, guessing this show is harder work! Expecting Minis + Team Japan vs Maximo/Toscano/Valiente here.

LATV: If they go in order, this is a minis match and a women’s trios. The odds of this show making any sense are low.

CMLL GDL on Teleformula: Avernos/Dragon vs Maximo/Rush/Toscano + Mistico/Fantasma/Porky vs Guerreros.

FWIW, the bonus match for GDL webfeed this week is Black Metal & Metal Blanco vs Mr. Trueno & Rey Trueno. Need to add that show to the chart soon.


CMLL: listed at 3PM and 2 hours long but surely that’ll change. Guerreros vs Mascara/Sombra/Mistico + CMLL vs Invasors cibernetico.

AAA-MEX: Cuervo/Ozz vs Chessman/Zorro + Psycho Circus do not win a match.

AAA-Premier: On Fox Sports at 9pm on Saturday, and does not appear to be picked up on the US version of this channel. Guessing they go in order: Chessman/Jack vs Pimpi/Silver + Ciber/Hernandez vs Parka/Psycho

CMLL-FOX: Women’s trios, plus Avernos+Rey Buc vs Porky/Panther/Fantasma. I think there’s a Mephisto/Fantasma feud going on, but CMLL’s not really mentioning it.

C3: a tag main event of some consequence

Puebla: on? not on?

ACM: CMLL’s turn, though I’m just guessing at what match.

PdM: on? not on?

IWRG: Electro vs Lider vs Silver + Oficials vs end of the roster AAA tecnicos.


CMLL-TFN: Angel (de Oro) vs Arkangel & No Limit/Okumura vs Averno/Terrible/Texano