10/30-10/31 videos

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  • 10/31 CMLL GDL – I feel so dumb; for at least the last month, the file name has had Sunday’s date. We can’t find this program on Saturday, because they moved it to Sunday. Dunno what time.

Over on En El Ring


2 thoughts to “10/30-10/31 videos”

  1. You know when the hardcore guys first showed up in AAA in 2006 and began getting top positions it was generally assumed Crazzy Boy was the best worker of the three. Extreme Tiger was just a slight notch above Joe Lider because at least he was exciting but both of them were still complete embarassments.

    Four years later Joe Lider is actually a completely passable wrestler when he isn’t doing hardcore matches. He even seems to understand what it means to play a tecnico/rudo. He also doesn’t seem to do wacky moves on people who clearly have no idea wow to take them. Meanwhile Extreme Tiger has less botches than ever, now sticks to a moveset instead of just doing 10,000 moves and knows it’s okay to sell once in a while. On the other hand Crazzy Boy has not only not progressed at all… he’s somehow managed to regress to possibly his NGX days. He’s more than content to just do random U.S. indy moves with no rhyme nor reason, hates selling and is more focused on doing hardcore stuff than anything else. He’s clearly the worst of the three which is quite the statement if any of you remember Lider and Tiger from 2006.

  2. Lider would be better if he didn’t have to face guys like Damien , Halloween or Chessman. Those matches are just Brutal.

    After watching a DTU match for the first time on Saturday ACM, I gotta see even though the wrestling is awful 2009 IWA Mid South worthy, I kinda like it. Sure the crowd gets in for free and are probably family members like you said Rob but they are rabid and loyal. And it was the best of the 4 ACM shows in October by far.

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