AAA on Televisa #961 (10/23/2010)

Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad de Madero, Tamaulipas, 10/01/2010

cleaner loss than figured

Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie vs Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship: you know, if this is your last match in Mexico, this is a pretty good match to go out on. Everyone but Pimpi looked good. Cruel bit of irony of Pimpi getting the lifetime achievment title reign in a match where he looked old. Oh well.

Aerostar vs Chris Stone, El Elegido, Laredo Kid, Decnnis, Alan Stone, Billy Boy, Súper Fly for Copa Antonio Pena with hair and masks on the line: I liked this. It’s too bad no one was over here beacuse they worked pretty hard and the final segemnt worked okay.

El Mesías vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo: Probably a better match live. Crazy Boy being out here seemed kind of pointless, but Decnnis gave the match a bit more activity when Perro went on his usual walkabouts.

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  1. What does it say about AAA that we all consider someone getting powerbombed from the ropes through a table as being a clean victory?

  2. Mesias/Perro was nowhere near as terrible as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty awful.

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