10/30-31 Lucha Times


AAA-US: 187 vs Damian/Halloween/Konnan, Wagner vs Silver, that cage match

Even though they talked about the Atomicos airing next week during this past week’s broadcast, it never did. This is how much they plan it.

52MX: if they don’t air the Coliseo tag final here, I may stalk people yet.

LATV: If they go in order, this is a minis match and a women’s trios. The odds of this show making any sense are low.

GDL: there is a match on this show with Fabian, Metro, Rush, Okumura, Vangelis, and Yoshihashi.

a) understandable one might not air this show
b) Who’s the more entertaining wrestler in that match?

Also Sombra/Mistico/Porky vs Averno/Ephesto/Mephisto


CMLL: Trios titles and women’s title, and an atomicos. Pointless trivia: this would be Tiffany’s first TV singles match in five years.

AAA-MEX: Perros vs Ciber/Mesias/Octagon + Chessman/Hernandez/Zorro vs Cuervo/Ozz/Parka.

CMLL-FOX: Cibernetico? Guerreros/Negro vs Mascara/Mistico/Shocker?

C3: Guerreros vs Invasors/Taichi

ACM: DTU? DTU. I sure hope so, so they can complete a four week MMA, CMLL, AAA, and DTU vs NGX cycle. It’s something that may never be repeated, for good reason.

Perros: I have no idea what’s going on here.

Puebla: I have no idea what’s going on here. Canceled? Actually, TVC Deportes lists “CMLL” in the IWRG timeslot. I dunno.

IWRG: Trauma I vs Ultimo Gladiador & Electro/Silver vs Crazy/Lider. If you’re in Mexico and have a good cable system, one can actually watch 3 new & different Crazy Boy matches on Sunday. You decide if that’s a trick or treat.


CMLL-TFN: Guerreros/Negro vs Porky/Sombra/Shocker + No Limit/Yujiro vs Texano/Terrible/Mephisto.