CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #257 (10/23/2010)

Ultimo Guerrero's "Tornado"

Arena Mexico, 10/17/2010

Ángel de Oro & Ángel de Plata vs Delta & Diamante in the tournament final for a shot at the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles: adjusting for the unenthuaised crowd and the expierience level of those involved, this was pretty good. Probably the best you could expect from both of these teams at this point, and a fun, if over thought, match. (Silly to eliminate the best two guys before the finish, finish made Angel de Plata look dumb, but those probably weren’t the luchadors decisions.) If only the crowd could be presuaded to care, the final could be fun to watch.

La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada vs Atlantis, Dragón Rojo Jr., Último Guerrero for the CMLL World Trios Championship: This was quite good too. Really, one of the better 52MX shows of the year. It’s a match that could’ve benefited from a bit more time, but made most of what it had. Outside the one big whiff, everyone looked good and it felt like a real battle between the two top teams. Love the Brillante Driver. La Mascara being the guy on the glue guy on the team works too.

Día de los Muertos, Mexicans in Japan

Today is the Oro memorial mass in Arena Coliseo.

AAA is calling it’s 10/31 Neza taping: “Horror en la Ciudad.” Too easy. They’ve shuffled the lineup from the original poster. Hernandez is now in the main event and Zorro faces Ozz & Cuervo, Chris Stone replaces Alan Stone, and the ruda women are back to surprise luchadors.

CMLL is giving away free tickets to kids on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday (a Fan Appreciation day) in similar celebration. They want the kids to dress up as their favorite luchador. Suddenly, I’m very certain the tecnicos are keeping their trios titles on Friday. (Tiffany needs to find her Bruja gear.)

Also, CMLL is out at 4:30 this week. At least they are at the moment.

10/26: Shinsuke Nakamura & Daniel Puder b Terrible & Texano [Nakamura Boma Ye Texano] – Terrible & Texano are stuck at 5 way tie at 2 points, with 3 matches left. Thier next tournament match is not until 11/01.

10/26: Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans b Dick Togo & Yasu Urano [Jack 630 splash Urano] – Jack & Tiger have 5 points, and I believe they’ve clinched 2nd place. They face the winner of the other block on Saturday (finals are the same day), and that will either be ROH’s Eddie Edwards & Rodrick Strong or Atsushi Aoki & KENTA.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and the LuchaWorld October Monthly, with an AAA roster breakdown and Halloween tips from Halloween.



FULL (SUN) 10/31 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Alfa 2000, Angel Solitario Jr., Principe Azteca vs Crucifijo, Faceman, Medico Infernal
2) Mr. Aguilita, Mr. Secuestro, Pequeño Halloween, Tequilita vs Chica de Arabia, Mini Gato, Mini Hator, Resplandor
3) Lluvia & Marcela vs Amapola & Princesa Sujei
4) Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Super Nico vs Ejecutor, Koko Viper, Memo Valles
5) Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata, Hijo del Ninja vs Difunto I, Difunto II, Veneno Extremo

Maybe CMLL & AAA are alternating weeks here? As soon as I figure it out, it’ll change. The CMLL guys are working at Terraza Elma earlier in the day.

CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #17 (10/16/2010)

Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 09/21/2010

not bad, but tough picking here lately.

The GDL vs Poder Mexico matches seem like they were setting up a third match where someone on the GDL team finally got a pin. Instead, it just ends with no resolution. Kind off odd. I do appreciate Poder Mexica doing approximently a dozen different low blow dropkick spots so I miss them a little less. Quasi-foul spots are being way over done in CMLL, but this was ridicolous.

Main was also a match that felt like it existed only to set up something, but at least we’re getting Aguila/Sombra next week. (If we can find the show.) It was decent to set up the reason, but didn’t get me particularlly excited for the match. Still have hope that next week’s Aguila/Sombra match.