AAA on Televisa #960 (10/16/2010)

Centro Civico de Ecatepec, 09/19/2010

better catch this time

Crazy Boy, El Brazo, Gato Eveready vs Billy Boy, Decnnis, Tigre Cota: As good as it’s going to be when one of the rudos gets hurt before the match starts? I hope Tiger Cota’s feeling better and not toping metal barricades any time soon.

Aerostar & Laredo Kid vs Alan Stone & Chris Stone: The Stones haven’t been as interesting as rudos since the turn; they had plenty of time to show off here and didn’t really show a lot. Much safer dive than last time, at least.

Dr. Wagner Jr., Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans vs Damián 666, Halloween, LA Park (and part 2): I feel like I had just seen this same match live – there just is A Dr. Wagner vs LA Park match and every one is just a variation of the framework – so seeing it again on TV was less interesting. Especially given how much time they got, more than they really needed. Surely better for those who haven’t seen this in a while. Not that I really should be complaoining about a cruiswerweight winning a main event on this show, but it was odd for Tiger to get the win when he’s not going to be on this again for months and Halloween will be. Decisions arne’t make like that, I know.

Paysos vs Circus, GDL, Mexico/Japan

how many clowns can you fit in a room?

AULL (SUN) 10/24 Arena Lopez Mateos [Estrellas del Ring, Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Mi Lucha Libre]
1) Super Mascara b Impulso
2) Espiral, Golden Boy, Super Panda b Aguila Tapada, El Cinico, El Cirujano
3) Chicano Power, Cien Caras Jr., Hombre sin Rostro b Hijo del Senor Tormenta, Nuevo Kato Kung Lee, Yakuza
4) Climax I, Climax III, Climax Jr. b El Mimo, Sanguinario Jr., Tramposo [semifinal]
5) Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho, Super Raton b Chucho el Roto, Super Brazo, Super Brazo II [semifinal]
6) Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho, Super Raton b Climax I, Climax III, Climax Jr. [final]
7) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Coco Amarillo, Coco Azul, Coco Rojo

Main event was a three falls match, with Psycho sneaking in a foul on Rojo in the third fall for the win. After the match, both sets of clowns, Muneco, Pinocho, Raton, Chicano Power, Cien Caras Jr., and Hombre sin Rostro all challenged for cage mask match on 11/28. Coco Amarillo actually lost his mask once, but never mind that.

CMLL (SUN) 10/24 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Templario b Javier Cruz Jr.
2) Hierro & Virgo DQ Ebola & Rey Trueno
3) Black Metal & Neutrón b León Blanco & Malefico
4) Pólvora, Sangre Azteca, Vangelis b Ángel de Oro, Metro, Toscano
5) La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, Rotoporky b Ephesto, Héctor Garza, Mr. Águila

Main event was short and had a lot of Garza accidentally costing his teammates. Porky suplex Aguila. Odd to read Porky winning without falling down on someone.

Angel de Oro was hurt by a Polvora move in the semimain, which helped the rudos win.

CMLL’s removed the minis match from Friday’s show and added Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Angel Azteca Jr. vs Nitro, Loco Max, and Skandalo in it’s place.

Box Y Lucha #2997 has the new Bizarros.

CMLL in NJPW: Manabu Nakanishi, Strong Man, Prince Devitt, Ryusuke Taguchi b Terrible, Texano Jr., Jado, Gedo [Nakanishi on Gedo]. Texano  & Terrible face Nakamura & Puder tomorrow in the tag team league, then have a few days off.

AAA in AJPW: Ozz & Cuervo were announced for their tag team league. Not enough tag team leagues going on! 9 team tournament runs from 11/20 to 12/07, and might be a true round robin format. Normally, Ozz & Cuervo going elsewhere would be fun, but it seems like an odd time to take them out of circulation. Those dates mean they’re unlikely to be on Guerra de Titanes.

Anyway, this inspired me to book Mexican tag teams for each remaining Japanese promotion (that I can think of, off the top of my head). None of this is real, but if it was
DDT: Gato Eveready and Pimpinela Escarlata
Dradition/Real Japan: any two Brazos (probably already true)
ZeroOne: Turbo & Skyade
Big Japan: Nicho & Lider
OsakaPro: Super Porky & Maximo
666: Damian 666 & Bestia 666
any joshi promotion: Mima Shimoda and whomever, and then I’ll forget to write about it.
Dragon Gate: wait a second, what happened to Cerebro heading over here in October? I suppose he’s still got a week. Hmmmmmm.


CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #256 (10/16/2010)

not a finalist

Arena Coliseo, 10/10/2010

first round matches

quarter final and seminfinal

not finalists

I’m surely being overally harsh, but Delta and Diamante were maybe the 6th most interesting team in this one. Cat, Cancerberos, Metalico/Starman (surprsingly), Dr. X/Hooligan and Loco Max/Virus were all easily ahead, and you could argue Astro Boy/Trueno. There were moments where you could see why they’re high on Delta & Diamante, but there’s moments with all of those teams and the guys who win didn’t look much better. Looked worse when their big finishes didn’t actually hit right.

This is the second time Hooligan’s starting hitting people with a boot, and this time was clearly his plan all along. One more timme and we add it to his signature move list.