Trauma/Gladiador, Sangre Azteca, Lucha Va Voom, Japan

IWRG (THU) 10/21 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Super Halcon Jr. b Keshin Black
2) Bugambilia & Miss Gaviota b Alan Extreme & Nemesis
3) Black Terry, Daga, Freelance b Carta Brava Jr., Comando Negro, Eterno
4) Trauma I DQ Último Gladiador [AMERICAS LH]
5) Electroshock & Silver King b Crazy Boy & Joe Lider

Main event was DTU style, including a flaming table at the end. Electroshock beat Crazy Boy (Electroshock > cruiserweights) and then challenged Joe Lider to a singles match. However, so did Silver King, and the Maniacos argued about who would get to face Joe Lider. It may end up a three way.

Trauma schooled UG on the mat to take the first fall. UG came back to win the second with help from his second, Eterno. Referee finally had enough of Eterno in the third and went to eject him, but Gladiador used the distraction to unmasked Trauma for the pin. Commissioner overturned to the decision for the mask pull to give Trauma the title back. Gladiador lost his mask and got busted open during this match.

Tercera was said to be the best match of the night. Freelance and Comando Negro are still feuding. Can Freelance grow his hair back fast enough to get in the Caste of Terror?

Preview of tonight’s Arena Mexico show: Notimex, OEM. We think the main event sets up a trios title match soon. I don’t know this to be the case, but my theory is Los Guerreros were originally supposed to get the trios titles on Sunday (no other reason to make Dragon Rojo a member), and plans were changed to boost the Invasors instead.

Sunday’s CMLL DF show was listed in Arena Mexico for about three hours, then listed back in Arena Coliseo. I dunno.

Sangre Azteca: “I have so much hatred for Ultimo Guerrero.” Hmmm. He’s not taking the Poder Mexica breakup well. Also, I think we are to believe no one in CMLL owns a phone and is able to communicate with each other unless they see each other on a show.

from the things I keep forgetting to mention file:
Lucha Va Voom has a whole bunch of shows coming up (and already happening at this point.)

10/21: Seattle – sorry!
10/24: Portland
10/27: Los Angeles
10/28: San Francisco
11/04: Philadelphia
11/06: Asbury Park
11/08: Boston
11/09: New York
11/11: Chicago

No particularly sure who’s on these shows, but they advertise a minis match in a lot of them.

Luchadors in Japan

NOAH 10/22
Kotaro Suzuki & Yoshinari Ogawa b Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans (Suzuki pin Jack)
Team AAA is 1-1, 2 points

NJPW 10/22:
Terrible & Texano Jr. b Toru Yano & Takashi Iizuka (Texano “TT Bomb” – Tornado Texano? – on Iizuki)
STRONG MAN & Manabu Nakanishi b Hirooki Goto & Tama Tonga (Strong Man powerbomb Tonga)
Both teams are now 1-0, 2 points.

In the previews of the tournament, CMLL hyped up the matches with No Limit and Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson. Perhaps they just picked those up because they’re the ones they have footage of, but Hijos de Averno have to win at least one of those matches.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


  • Prometo Lucha Libre takes fire at Charly Manson: Charly beating Negro Casas proves AAA has better stars and better trainers who can turn guys into stars (shot at Virus here), CMLL (bad) finished are stolen from AAA (bad) finishes, but Charly isn’t very good and Mini Charly is in better shape and a CMLL guy is obviously going to beat Charly Manson, or maybe not if he doesn’t show up. This isn’t a surgical attack, it’s more an angry man swinging wildly with an axe.
  • Heroes del Ring review from Gamezone: “It has a long way to go to catch WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, but here’s hoping that Lucha Libre AAA expands even further with future installments.”
  • And on G4TV: “If you’re a big Lucha Libre fan, I’d advise you not to write off Heroes Del Ring immediately. Go into it knowing that it’s a flawed game, and you should indeed have a good time.”
  • In support of the game, AAA wrestlers will be signing autographs and holding matches at Mexico City’s Electronic Game Show this weekend.
  • Cronicas Y Leyendas looks back at Mascara Ano 2000 vs Gran Coloso mask vs mask in 1985. Special cameo by a 4 year old Ayako Hamada before the match.
  • DJ Spectro looks back at a 1975 Ruleta de La Muerte
  • Hercules Leon passed away earlier this week.
  • 411 Mania’s Buy or Sell does it’s semiannual lucha question – and both guys are completely wrong. The only ways Charly Manson is not losing his hair in a CMLL ring by the end of the year is Charly walking out on another hair match or CMLL deciding not to run shows.
  • The new Ras de Lona is up.


CMLL (TUE) 10/26 Arena Mexico
1) Freesbe & Horus vs Cholo & Semental
2) Dalys la Caribeña, Lluvia, Marcela vs Mima Shimoda, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei
3) Ángel de Plata, Fuego, Rush vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Cancerbero, Raziel
4) Sagrado, Shocker, Stuka Jr. vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Atlantis, Dragón Rojo Jr., Último Guerrero vs Héctor Garza, Mr. Águila, Taichi

Main event is a rematch. Note that, after their title match on Sunday, Stuka & Fuego are back to being in separate matches.

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  1. Lucha Va Voom is running 10/27 & 10/28 in LA. 10/31 is San Francisco. I know this because Kurt and I are planning on going to one of the LA shows and we’ve been trying to figure out what day to go.

  2. You’re gonna get to see TZUKI on those shows! Lucky bastard.

    That Tuesday lineup puts me to sleep just reading it.

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