CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #255 (10/09/2010)

Arena Coliseo, 10/03/2010

team not going to the finals

Block A, Battle Royal – it was a battle royal

Eightfinals – Pegasso/Cometa had the best match this round, though I deeply enjoyed Inferanles using their old finisher. Really want Artillero & Super Comando to steal the show one of these times, but it doesn’t appear it’ll happen.

Quarterfinals/semifinals – In the semifinal, the Angels looked as good as Stuka & Flash did two years ago. In the match final, there was a hilariously bad botched spot. No one’s perfect, but the Angels are very inconsistent at this point. In a perfect world, these titles go to teams that aren’t quite ready to help get them there (or to teams that are in charge of readying guys), but that same perfect world has Pegasso & Rey Cometa far past this point (and with an actual team name.) I’d take a slightly better world.

team going to the finals

pointless fantasy booking: Actually, in a really perfect world, this match doesn’t happen, because there is no tournament, because CMLL actually remembers they have these titles. I would’ve had them go Flash/Stuka -> Loco Max/Skandalo (big/little dynamic, plus Loco Max should win more often if he’s going to be a credible loser) -> Angels (thus explaining the endless Angels/Tuareg matches) -> Puma/Tiger (thru total trickery), though you could sell me on a Pegasso/Cometa -> Raziel/Cancerbero switch somewhere in there. But then I’d also have the titles defended about monthly so random teams like Astro Boy/Molotov could get to have an actual big match in their careers.
team not going to the finals.

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  1. Thanks alot for these cubs! I was a huge fan of the 2008 tournament and was real happy to see one of my favorite teams Euforia and Nosferatu back in full force.I thought they were great here busting out thier old finisher and being great bases for every team they matched up against.This was alot of fun.

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