top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Heroes Inmortales happened. All the tecnicos won, including Wagner keeping his title, Pimpi & Fabi winning the tag titles, Mesias defeating Perro, and Team AAA winning the cage match with a half dozen angles going on. Mistico did not appear, totally disappointing #1 fan Perro Aguayo Jr. Other notable losers include anyone who was interested in finding out the identity of Octagon’s attacker; keep waiting.
  2. Volador Jr. was on the hottest run of his career, won a best of the best tournament, and then lost his title to La Mascara in a switch no one saw coming. We don’t have La Mascara anymore, but this was as boggling a result as any that’s occurred in lucha libre this year.
  3. Heroes del Ring came out. Though without the mask. You know, it actually is slightly better when I remember it’s a $50 game.
  4. Televisa Deportes judged Televisa’s AAA & CMLL of not being competitive enough with Televisa’s WWE. CMLL ignored the whole thing. AAA insisted they were actually better. Everyone agreed cell phone junk app commercials are really annoying.
  5. IWRG won the Battle of the Promotions. Their prize appears to be “Sunday tapings will now air on TVC Deportes instead of Thursday ones.” A strange prize!
  6. Los Angels & Diamante & Delta advanced to the finals of the Arena Coliseo Tag Team #1 Contenders, something that only makes this list on slow two week bit.

Just missing the list: Tijuana Joe.

Reminder: chat on Friday for Negro/Charly. Thinking about spaghetti.