10/16-17 Lucha Times


AAA-US: last show before Heroes Imortales. Militia vs Crazy Boy/Brazo/Gato, Stones vs Aero/Laredo and Wagner/Tiger/Jack vs Damian/Halloween/Park. I think Rob and I differ on this show, though some of it is probably having just seen Wagner/Park live, and the main event being sort of a less good repeat.

52MX: Block B of the tag team tournament? I hope so.

LATV: again, it’s the anniversary show if this airs.

GDL: Poder Mexica vs Gallo, Blanco, Rush again, plus Aguila/Terrible/Texano vs Sombra/Maximo/Toscano.

Since both me and Alfredo have looked to see if the show was moved late and found nothing, I’m taping everything on Teleformula from 4AM to 4PM on Saturday. We’ll see if it works.


CMLL: Negro vs Charly? Or will they just wait?

AAA-MEX: Maybe just 3 matches – Lider/Nicho vs Damian/Halloween/Konnan, Wagner/Kain, and the cage match – with the NOAH match and the opening atomicos not airing in Mexico. They may air the NOAH match eventually, but I’m not sure the point. Unless it was a good match (which seems unlikely), not sure how having Chessman return + lose to a guy the audience doesn’t know helps them at all.

FOX: Women’s trios, Mascara/Sombra/Dragon vs Nuevo Guerreros del Atlantida. Dragon Rojo is officially in the group as of tonight – CMLL doesn’t run angles on shows to set these up, they just post them on Twitter.

C3: Garza/Aguila/Taichi vs Panther/Dorada/Shocker

Puebla: On? Off? TVC Deportes doesn’t list Monday yet.

ACM: your guess is as good as mine

PdM: Last week, Perros del Mal aired 3 matches from the 01/17/10 taping. Random tape out of the vault this week, I guess.

IWRG: top 3 from this past Sunday, so the big Freelance vs Comando Negro hair vs mask match.


CMLL-TFN: Mistico, Shocker Strong Man vs Atlantis, UG, Negro Casas

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  1. How can we differ on a show I haven’t seen?:) I mean… I saw the opener and thought Gato Eveready looked like a million bucks. Can’t wait to see him on TV again next year. And I saw parts of the segunda (the Aero Star dive parts) but it looked like a mess with another stupid dive. Then as usual I turned the show off.

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