UWA lineups/results (some of ’em) added to the database

(No recap today.)

If you’ve messed with the database this week, you might have noticed I’ve added UWA lineups/results recently. Like everything else, it’s 09/1991 and beyond. That limitation is cosmetic and not date driven; at some point, I’ll make things look about 2% nicer and start working backwards. UWA results disappear by the end of 1994, but the promotion was rapidly disappearing by then anyway.

Quick thoughts

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IWRG, CMLL preview, Heroes del Ring

IWRG (THU) 10/07 Arena Naucalpan [Mi Lucha Libre]
3) Carta Brava Jr., Comando Negro, Magia Negra b Aeroman, Brazo Metalico, Freelance
4) Chico Che, el Ángel, Suicida b Avisman, Bombero Infernal, El Hijo del Diablo
5) Hernandez, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Último Gladiador b Christian, Trauma I, Veneno

Sounds like the Hernandez/Christian stuff was as poor as the attendance. Gladiador pinned Trauma I, and challenged for the Light Heavyweight title.

Freelance and Comando Negro made each other bleed, leading into their hair vs mask match Sunday.

Preview of today’s Arena Mexico show: Charly Manson says he doesn’t care if he wins or loses tonight because he’s focused on next week. I think that is true of most people who will (or mostly will not) buy tickets to tonight’s show, but I’m not sure you should be saying it out loud. ESTO’s story is Dragon Rojo is really coming on and so he got to be in the main event. That’s not selling tickets either, to be fair.

Yesterday’s media event for Heroes del Ring (video on their new website) included a mention of producing 400,000 copies of the game. I have no context to be sure, and it counts everything they’re sending to Mexico and Central America, but that sounds like an awful large number. There’s a new multiplayer trailer (exciting countout!) and a new website. Their new board has plenty of empty space. I strongly encourage everyone to sign up and fill up the Charly Manson talking about how great he is in CMLL. The new commercial is bizarre, but Ozz does finally get to live out his Undertaker fantasy.

El Hijo del Santo’s Record column says AAA is awful and lucha needs to be taken off TV for it’s own good.. I believe he’s said or written this same bit 5,000 times. The only new bit here is Santo says he was never paid for working at TripleMania last year. That seems incredibly unlikely.

ECLL has a poster for it’s next show right here. Things you should check when you’re creating a poster for your show:

  1. The date of the show is easily visible on the poster
  2. The location of the show is easily visible on the poster

The tweet below says 10/17 in New York. It’s not that big of a city, no problem finding it.

Felino is considering getting a place in Guadalajara, because he’ll be there so often defending his new title. Felino says winning the Occidente Light Heavyweight title proves he’s not fallen off since losing his mask – not so sure that title proves that.



CMLL (SUN) 10/10 Arena Solidaridad
1) Diluvio Negro I, Diluvio Negro II, Silver Star vs Estrella Dorada Jr., Hator, Monje Negro Jr.
2) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs Averno, Terrible, Texano Jr.

Odd that CMLL guys are working Arena Monterrey & Arena Solidardad. I always thought they were in competition with each other.

IWRG FIL (TUE) 10/12 Arena Naucalpan
1) Dinamic Black, Fly Star, Guizmo vs Halcon 2000, Mariscal, Volaris
2) Anticristo Jr., Azzacel, Black Sky, Cenutrion, Killer Jr., Leopardo Negro III, Super Black, Whota vs 5000 Voltios, Alan Extreme, Bugambilia Norte, Comando Negro, Fulgor, Guerrero 2000, Keshin Black, Tonatiuh [cibernetico, Torneo FIL]

Trainee show. It’s Gimnasio Ham Lee Trainees vs IWRG’s Trainees. This would be Comando Negro’s first match unmasked, should he lose on Sunday. There’s three more matches on the poster, but it’s almost as if they had a trainee make the poster, because it could’ve used some work (to make it legible online.)