CMLL on Televisa #994 (09/18/2010)

taped 09/17/10 in Arena Mexico

Women’s trios was fun. Ayumi has totally different offense than everyone else is using here, and I wish she was around for more than a week to see more of it.

this followed a half minute of both guys acting exhausted

Invasors/Pesta Negra sounds more interesting on paper than it ever seem to be in the ring. The two concepts don’t work well together – Invasors are supposed to be totally serious, and Pesta Negra is totally the other way. Only Hector has seemed to figure out a way to make it work for the Invasors, and he wasn’t around for this one. Instead, Negro dropped the comedy since he was supposed to be setting up his match with Charly here. Finish didn’t look like it was supposed to be a finish at all, so it’s nice that Psicosis confirmed it went wrong.

I’m done with Mistico singles matches from here on out. I don’t want to be critical of a man who does tornillos to the floor knowing no one will catch him, because he’s sacrificing himself in a significant way, but the matches themselves have nothing to offer to anyone who’s watched one before. Everything is a headscissors, dive, back in for a move and a kickout, everyone lays dead for 30 seconds, everyone gets back up and continues as if they’re perfectly okay. We can break it down in wrestling terminology – the selling is absurd, the psychology is non-existent and nothing that happens in the last fall matters until Mistico tries his finish – but the bottom line is it’s not very entertaining and similar guys are having much more entertaining matches.

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  1. Not defending Mistico since I have the same issues with his matches which are magnified more now that Volador/Sombra & Fantasma/Charly type matches are taking place but the third fall here was very edited. I didn’t catch it when watching originally but if you watched the highlights they had a lot of spots the TV match didn’t have.

    I thought Amapola was going to pound the shit out of Ayumi when she stiffed her on that apron dropkick. Maybe that shit flies in Japan but this is Mexico and Amapola would have been perfectly within her right to get up and stiff the fuck out of Ayumi in exchange.

    The music after winning started only a week or two ago.

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