Mistico/AAA, AAA/IWRG, no masks with Heroes del Ring

Record is sticking to it’s story. Skip past the part where Dr. Wagner blows off the whole Dr. Wagner Sr. storyline (Wagner doesn’t believe the recording and isn’t affected by it) and read the last two paragraphs. Record notes Dorian’s denial of the story, but says a source says Mistico and AAA were to meet on Thursday, after a Wednesday meeting was postponed so Mistico could talk to CMLL about getting out of his contract.

Don’t know if that meeting actually happened on Thursday, but we know Dorian and Konnan were at Arena Naucalpan. In a couple of interviews for Tercera Caida, Konnan said they were there as fans, but Dorian Roldan suggested they might purchase Arena Naucalpan and use it as a TV venue. (More of that here.) Dorian didn’t want to talk about Mistico coming to AAA, saying he didn’t want to deal with rumors (which is different from the Arena Naucalpan buying thing very very subtly, I guess.) I wouldn’t worry too much about this happening – it came off as the start of a storyline – but AAA will surely will be another running TV taping in Naucalpan before long.

One thing we know is Mistico won’t be wrestling tonight; it’s a Peste Negra vs Invasor main event, which will CMLL another chance to confusingly change around their 10/15 main event. Lyger finishes up in the semimain. If the NJPW guys are legitimately scouting this show for new talent to bring over, then it’s a big night for La Mascara, Diamante, Los Cancerberos and Angels.

(The Heroes Inmortales preview is one post down. Or above, if you’re reading upside down.)

Did you preorder Heroes del Ring to get a free mask? You’re out of luck, that’ s been canceled. Slang says it’s a “compliance reasons in the US”, which seems delightfully unclear. They’re supposed to make it up some other way. Free DLC would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

In happier news, the list of Achievements you can unlock in AAA Heroes Del Ring are out in advance of the game. If you haven’t played a 360, Achievements are tasks you can achieve in games, giving you points which carry over between games so you can compare how far/how much you’ve done in games with your friends. (They also tend to reveal plot points, though there’s nothing too surprising there.) PS3 has Trophies, which I haven’t seen yet, but games that are on both systems use similar tasks. Anyway, a few of the most interesting ones:

Little ones can too (10 points) Play a match with the little ones, using the secret code.

Sounds like minis. Or maybe just the regular characters shrunken down? I’ll take it.

Don’t hit the dog (10 points) Win a group match without letting your partner receive more than 20% damage.

One of the most disappointing preview items about the game was the lack of tag matches, but this seems to indicate there’s some team mode.

Dirty game (10 points) Hit an opponent 3 times with a weapon without being disqualified (disqualification on).

That’s been the problem all along – someone actually turned “disqualification off” in real life AAA! If we can just find the options screen, we’d save the lives of many innocent chairs.

A fly hard to catch (10 points) Execute the Superfly special grapple 5 times in a 1 vs 1 match against the CPU on normal difficulty.

Super Fly has a grapple move? That he’d actually get to use on someone? Fictional game for sure. Actually, now I’m disappointed Teddy Hart isn’t in the game, because the “use every move you have in a 1 vs 1 match” would be the most natural task ever. And now I need to stop before I come up with a full list of these.

LuchaWorld has the newest Slammin’ Stan.

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9 thoughts to “Mistico/AAA, AAA/IWRG, no masks with Heroes del Ring”

  1. If you check out the gametrailers.com preview, which we posted on http://www.axebombermag as well so go there instead, they list 2 on 2 tag matches in the match types- they’re probably just tornado tags. They also have named Fatal Four Ways FATAL FACING OF FOUR, which is so awesome.

    BUTTTT watch the Konnan trailer they posted on their facebook page. It’s the single worst video you could make for a wrestling game. All the moves look fucked up, you’re like flip bumping or totally no-sellign every move.

    I can’t wait for this game. I’m going to take all your masks and there’s nothing you can do to stop meeeee



  2. Also, wal-mart is talking about a free lucha DVD with purchase of the game, so that might be how they’re making up for the mask thing.

    If it’s Wal-Mart doing it themselves, then well, crap, it’s probably Nacho Libre

  3. I do beleive that Mistico is NOT negotiating with AAA. Only a moron would leave CMLL to jump aboard that sinking ship AAA.

  4. @LLL: Hey LLL your update doesn’t mean shit because you provide no information about the gate just like how you provide no sources on your TV ratings.

  5. @Daniel: Check the socalunsensored.com boards. Latin Lover didn’t draw shit. Wagner, LA Park, and Latin Lover drew next to nothing in Los Angeles.

  6. @LLL OK, I’ll take your word for it. I guess that arena was just empty. They performed in front of ghosts right?

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