luchablog chat: Heroes Inmortales IV

Chat’s scheduled to start around 8:30 pm, but you can find the link here. We’ll be going until the AAA show ends, so feel free to stop in any time tonight.

4 thoughts to “luchablog chat: Heroes Inmortales IV”

  1. @thecubsfan: LOL! Yeah, I missed part of it, but I’m sure PdM has so many tweets that I can actually visualize the entire show move for move.

    I usually just guess Central time and really the chats last like 3-4 hours (sometimes 5 hours, I think), so you could jump in at any time.

    I did notice cubs made poundcake and sadly there is no audio, so I could yell out POUNDCAKE like Sammy Hagar in these chats. :(

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