Record: Mistico talked to AAA; AAA: No, he didn’t

Around 2:30pm CT today, Record posted a story claiming Mistico had talked to Marisela Pena & Dorian Roldan about appearing at Heroes Inmortales. A half hour later on Twitter, Dorian Roldan refuted the story, saying AAA had not met with Mistico.

Record has been the source on all the recent Mistico/CMLL issues: the original Mistico complaint, a story about a big roster meeting which included a quote from Averno (not on the website), Panico refuting Mistico’s comments, Volador & Sombra accidentally confirming some of them by refusing to say anything, and Psicosis firing back at Mistico. The most recent article read like it came from Mistico’s side to send a message to CMLL even before Dorian shot it down, and it’s clearly one now.

Mistico is scheduled to work tonight’s main event in Arena Mexico. That’ll be fun.

18 thoughts to “Record: Mistico talked to AAA; AAA: No, he didn’t”

  1. I think Wagner’s fake jump to CMLL slightly out measures Mistico’s fake jumo return to AAA, because we (I?) all thought Wagner actually left and I was still in disbelief about Mistico by the time I read Dorian’s tweet.

    So, yea, chat on Friday. Obviously.

  2. REFUTE!

    this is all so odd. i still cant imagine mistico in AAA. Ive always thought he was brain child of cmll and cant imagine him anywhere else

  3. Me thinks someone is unhappy with his pay. His tours with NJPW arent as frequent (Valiente, Dorada, Sombra, Texano, Terrible all have gone in 2010 – did Mistico go after the 1/4 show?). He isn’t a lock in the main events like he used to be, because Sombra, Volador, Dorada, the Invasors and a few others are starting to get main event pushes. Business is down, so I am sure he isnt getting the spot show bookings that he used to. I think Mistico is doing exactly what Cubs said – he is pulling a Wagner and trying to make the threat of a jump equal an increase in pay.

  4. @kmichaels: I am willing to bet that other than NJPW, there is nowhere in the world that Mistico would make more money than CMLL.

    I’m not counting the WWE, because with Del Rio becoming an emerging star for them, I do not think they would give him a deal initially where he makes what he does in CMLL.

  5. Now if this talk is in any way legit, would CMLL consider having Mistico lose the mask to Volador Jr. ?

  6. Mistico just always seems so arrogant. I don’t get it. He gets given a big chance by CMLL and becomes a big star, and has complained ever since.

    Am I missing something here.

  7. It seems to be par for the course with any big lucha star. Parka, Wagener, Santo, Perrito. He’s in real good company IF this is to be believed.

  8. I gotta agree with Krisz about this being all a angle. Hopefully it leads to a Mistico NEXUS. I vote for Rush being Mexico’s David Otunga.

  9. Hard to take folks seriously who don’t even have the guts to post under names people might actually recognize. Things are going so well that you don’t want people to know who you are? That’s a new one.

  10. RAW did just a 7.9 on Televisa. They get tons of cross-promotion from the network, during weekend sports programming.

  11. @Rob: I get them e-mailed. I was getting the Nielsen numbers for just two weeks, but they couldn’t get them any longer.

    Why the sudden interest in ratings?

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