CMLL Puebla #104 (09/05/2010)

taped 08/30/10 – that link is always the full recap

Why do I not watch this show every week? I usually enjoy this show. I rarely enjoy the GDL. The LATV & 52MX are hit and miss. Things just work out well when I watch this show. On other hand, I really only watch this show when there are great matches, so maybe I’ve got a slightly biased take on this show.

this also looks like a piledriver, but it's awesome so I'll let it slide

Sombra vs Volador was definitely a great match worth seeking this show out. I can not think of a better match I’ve seen this year*, or a better CMLL singles match I’ve seen lately. This match was so fantastic, the cheap finish couldn’t affect it, because everyone before it was so great and you honestly believed Volador had no other options left to beat this man. Watch this match.

This match was more intense than usual CMLL singles matches. It wasn’t out and out brawl intense, but I also didn’t feel like I could’ve gone to the fridge and gotten a drink between moves. If you’re going to do moves involving running and jumping, no one’s going to believe you’re so dead tired that you can’t move for twenty seconds. Ten seconds actually makes a lot of difference.

That was quite a finish to the second fall.

I enjoyed the announcers too – it felt like they were more into the match than the usual CMLL and AAA guys. I don’t know if they just promised them another house if they’re good or whatever, but it’s a fine result.

* – though we really need to put together a virtual comp of Matches Worth Consideration; the YouTube links are out there, but we need to add them to the wiki or something so interested people can easily flip thru them.

This whole show is worth seeking out. The cibernetico to open the show would’ve been the standout match on any other show – Raziel was super great whenever he was in, and this might be Lestat’s Best Match Ever – and I hope they’re honestly going somewhere with the DF rudos/Puebla tecnicos bit because everyone’s been great and another big match with them would be fun.

And the Panther/Dorada/Mistico vs Invasors match would be the best match on most weekly shows.