09/18 lucha videos

First, go watch this

LATV was a rerun.

YouTube Links (maybe a one time thing? maybe I’ll remember it again?)
Linking to the first in the series

12 thoughts to “09/18 lucha videos”

  1. Definetly watch that Mascara Dorada MV,Rob really outdid himself.I thought I’ve seen alot of Dorada but alot of the stuff in that video was new to me,the whole time your thinking did I just see that.

  2. Spectacular Dorada video.

    Rob, can you make a MV of his spectacular blown spots from his first 6 months in the gimmick?

  3. what a fantastic video!!! mascara dorada has come a very long way since his debut under that name.
    @thecubsfan: i was wondering what happened to the uploads of luchamania aaa?

  4. Hey that’s my video! Thanks cubs! I even gave it a local flavor for you by using Allister!

    Appreciate all the comments folks!

    @Alan: Why you gotta hate? If Dorada reads this blog he’s gonna be really angry he only just missed you on one of the last Arena Mexico shows you attended! VANGELIS SAVED YOUR LIFE!

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