Booker T joins Perros del Mal, Oriental wins Scorpio’s hair

Black Terry Jr.

Bulletin: Chat, tonight, 8:30 pm CST. Talking about Mistico/Volador.

PdM (THU) 09/16 Sala de Armas Magdalena Mixhuca [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), SuperLuchas, WagnerMania, Estrellas del Ring, R de Rudo]
1) Dinastía b Low Rider
2) Black Fire b Naruto
3) Jennifer Blake & Mini Chessman b Celestial & Miss Jackie
4) Bestia 666, Pesadilla, Ragde b Aerostar, Pimpinela Escarlata, Súper Fly
5) Hernandez, Super Crazy, X-Fly DRAW Charlie Haas, Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans
6) Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween b Booker T, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías

It seems like everyone on the internet went to the Perros show (and then, maybe another one.)

AAA main event; everyone did their moves, then Konnan showed up to upstage everything. Konnan offered Booker a spot in Los Perros del Mal and gave him a edecan (Linavis, the one who’s on CMLL’s 52/FOX shows every weekend) to seal the deal. While Wagner tried to convince Booker T not to take the deal, Perro beat Mesias to win the match. Booker turned on Dr. Wagner after the match, taking Wagner’s mask and joining the Perros. SuperLuchas says Booker will be back for Heroes Inmoratles IV in a couple weeks.

Semifinal ended on a double pin. Super Crazy had Tiger up in the tapatia, leaned him forward, and both guys were down for three. Not much said about Charlie Haas. Wrong promotion for that guy.

Bestia fouled Pimpi and Hijo de Tirantes fast counted a pin.

Celestial was hurt in his match. R de Rudo says he tried a Shooting Star Press, and notes Celestial continually gets hurt trying this.

In his latest column, Perro Aguayo Jr. again says he doesn’t care about who wins or loses in his match with Mesias, but wants to leave Mesias humiliated. That seems to telegraph the finish for Verano.

OILL (THU) 09/16 Arena Azteca Budokan [SuperLuchas, Estrellas del Ring]
4) Hijo de LA Park & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. b Kung Fu Jr. & Ultramán Jr. [torneo de parejas juniors bicentenario, semifinal]
5) el Hijo del Canek & Fishman Jr. b El Hijo del Solitario & Hijo del Lizmark [torneo de parejas juniors bicentenario, semifinal]
6) Hijo de LA Park & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. b el Hijo del Canek & Fishman Jr. [torneo de parejas juniors bicentenario, final]
7) Scorpio Jr. L Marco Corleone and Black Warrior and Juventud Guerrera and Oriental and Charly Manson and Zumbido [cage, hair]

How fortunate: in the arena run by the Morenos, Hijo de LA Park & Hijo del Dr. Wagner (son of Rossy Moreno) won the tag team tournament, and Scorpio lost his hair to Oriental. Didn’t have Scorpio as losing, because he and Warrior (first one out) were not actually listed in this match beforehand. Both Mini Oriental and Mini Scorpio climbed in the cage to help their taller versions, but Scorpio took an accidental chair shot from Mini Scorpio, costing him them the match.

Today’s preview of the Bicentennial Final from CMLL Pekes: how Volador & Mistico got here, and hype for the final. Sneer = evil.

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previous head to head matchups this year:

02-05  Arena Mexico               Volador Jr. b Místico * 
02-12  Arena Mexico               Volador Jr. b Místico [MEX LH] * 
02-14  Arena Coliseo Guadalajara  Místico b Volador Jr. 
03-22  Arena Puebla               Místico DQ Volador Jr. * 
05-02  Arena Mexico               Volador Jr. b Místico * 
05-17  Cancha de Fut-Rap          Volador Jr. b Místico [MEX LH] 
07-11  Arena Coliseo              Volador Jr. DQ Místico * %
09-05  Arena Coliseo Guadalajara  Místico b Volador Jr.
* - aired on TV
% - shouldn't have aired on TV

That’s 5-3 for Volador, 4-3 in CMLL promoted shows, and 4-0 in Mexico City. I’m expecting Mistico will get a win back tonight.

Hijo de Anibal/ACM via Multimedios

SuperLuchas wonders What Happened To The New Vipers? This seems to expose the author of not watching AAA, because anyone who saw the Vipers vs La Secta match knows what happened to the Vipers.

To actually answer the question, I’m pretty sure Amnesia got cut (no AAA matches since May, on indy shows using the same gimmick, wonder if AAA’s sued him yet) and Histeria is so far off TV that he might have been cut or hurt and we won’t find out about it for months. The reality is the Vipers were a product of the ’97-’08 AAA, and the people steering the ship have no love, nostalgia or even memory for anything that took place in that era. The gimmicks were given out not because there was a plan, but just to maintain the trademark (and that still may not have totally worked.)

AAA hypes up Sunday’s taping: LA Park returns (first TV match since Verano), talks to Silver King about who exactly he and Ultimo Gladiador are going to face this weekend if 187 is really fired from AAA (no one’s bought into this stip, Silver King included – he says he’s going to beat whomeer) and notes Esther Moreno’s return.

Lo Mejor de Lucha Libre starts a one hour radio this Monday to Saturday show. You can listen here.