Bicentennial, Lucha Libre USA

Today is Mexico’s Bicentennial, celebrating 200 years since the country declared independence. Being Thursday, this makes it a four day weekend of celebrations. Today, there are four significant shows around Mexico City. AAA and CMLL are not running their own major shows, but they’re contributing to others:

  • Perros del Mal return to their home of Sala de Armas Magdalena Mixhuca with AAA & ex-WWE wrestlers appearing. Main event is the front line Perros del Mal team of Damian 666, Halloween and Perro Jr. vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Mesias and Booker T. This should be taped for TVC Deportes.
  • AULL: benefit show for Hombra Bala in Arena Lopez Mateos, with a main event of Mascara, Sombra and Volador vs Averno, Mephisto and Ephesto. There’s a chance this may turn up on AYM Sports, but no one would be able to find it if it did.
  • IWRG has it’s usual Thursday night show, also featuring AAA luchadors (in a ten man cibernetico with IWRG wrestlers.) Decnnis and Dr. Cerbero fight over a title with the name “WWF” in it. This will air on TVC Deportes on Monday.
  • The Morenos/Invasors group (“Organización Independiente de Lucha Libre” – eh) runs Arena Azteca Budokan with Marco, Lizmark, Juvi, Oriental, Zumbido and Charly in an electrified cage. Zumbido seems the likely loser.

There’s also dozens more smaller ones around the country.

Lucha Libre USA is continuing to run shows. They’ve announced a show for Amarillo, Texas on 10/24. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. Can’t find anything about ticket prices, except a mention of +$25 for VIP. The building seats about 5,000. It’s a good sign for this promotions continued existence that they’re just not vanishing “until Season 2.”

Check on this schedule for next week around Chicago, just for two promotions

09/25 6pm: Dragon Gate USA @ Congress Theater, Chicago
09/26 2pm: Dragon Gate USA @ The Miramar Theater, Milwaukee
09/26 3pm: LuchaMania (LA Park, Dr. Wagner and sons) @ Sturtevant Sports Complex, Sturtevant, WI
09/26 7pm: LuchaMania @ Congress Theater, Chicago

Sturtevant is about a half hour south of Milwaukee, a half hour closer to Chicago. With Chicago traffic, that may be a two hour drive on Sunday, so the main eventers are probably showing up in Chicago during the show or that show is going to be late. (Answer: that show is going to be late.) Really thinking of going to both Dragon Gate shows and the Sunday night LuchaMania show as much for the entertainment as for the fun of making all three.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update

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