09/18-19 Lucha Times


AAA-US: AAA invades IWRG and vice/versa. Oficials and Air Force debate the proper jurisdictions of federal and municipal keepers of the peace, Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador defend their tag titles, Billy Boy and Decnnis “are in the main event.”

52MX: Assuming last week was a one off change (???), this is the poorly reviewed women’s match from Sunday and Mistico/Strong Man/Valiente vs Terrible/Texano/Volador

LATV: Solidly in the period where the main show is airing 4 matches a week, so every week has a repeat if they don’t start showing openers. New match here is Fuego/Stuka/Valiente vs Misterioso/Okumura/Yoshihashi.

GDL: back on track? Sangre/Okumura/Yoshihashi vs Angels/Rush + Atlantis/Neibla vs Maximo/Porky. Feel free to skip over this week.


CMLL: Mistico vs Volador, surely, and more Pesta Negra vs Invasors

AAA: the taping that just happened yesterday. The end of 187?

CMLL FOX: Averno vs Charly Manson, for some sort of title belt.

C3: the taping that just happened yesterday. Atlantis/UG/Felino vs Panther/Dorada/Toscano, Averno/Lyger/Okumura vs Metro/Sagrado/Valiente

Puebla: tag title match, Panther/Sombra/Sagrado vs Averno/Lyger/Mephisto

ACM: maybe the 09/06 matches?

Perros: Not sure. They may be able to air part of tomorrow’s taping (that’s IWRG’s schedule – is TVCDeportes taping two shows tomorrow?) and the ad for next week’s show certainly implied that was the plan, and even that they were going to air the main event (which seems unlikely.) They did have a show in between at Arena Aficion, but I don’t know if they taped that. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was AAA footage.

IWRG: the taping that just happened tomorrow. Wait. Decnnis vs Dr. Cerebro for a title belt. I’m sure there must be many I’m missing, but a quick search in the match finder says this is the first singles match Decnnis has ever had. Surely the first TV match. Another AAA vs IWRG main event.


CMLL-TFN (Canada): Metro vs Euforia, Sombra/Volador/Valiente vs Texano/Terrible/Mephisto, NoLimit/Okumura vs Warrior/Mistico/UG. They’re still a couple weeks out of the hair match, so I assume they’re strongly into the period where Black Warrior didn’t care much anymore.

AAA-Peru: 187 teams with Konnan, which makes the turn official. It’s funny, I just got done watching Verano de Escandalo, where 187 finally puts Konnan thru a table. Outside of the tag title change, nothing else meaningful has happened in this storyline in the four months in between. Also, WagnerManiacos vs Chessman/Kenzo/Zorro.

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  1. For reasons unknown TFN is replaying the show w/ Lyger vs Guerrero from last week. Maybe someone put the wrong tape in and one of the replay slots will have the right episode. I’ll try and check.

  2. AAA didn’t seem to air in Peru last weekend…at least not at the normal time. Hopefully its just screwed up for a week and I don’t have to try to figure out the new time. But, I think it has been about 6 months since the deal to start airing down here was announced, so this may be a bad sign.

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