09/14 AAA TV Results (Tlalnepantla)

Black Terry Jr.

AAA TV (TUE) 09/14 Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), AAA]
1) Octagoncito b Mini Histeria [AAA MINI]
2) Decnnis & Tigre Cota b Extreme Tiger & Relampago
3) Alan Stone, Alex Koslov, Chris Stone b El Elegido, Laredo Kid, Pimpinela Escarlata
4) Hernandez & Zorro DQ Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario
5) Cibernético, El Mesías, La Parka Jr. b Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween

2010 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#955)
Mexico: 09/19
US: 10/02

Octagoncito retained the minis title, with both seconds (Mini Charly & Mini Psicosis) getting involved.

Parka and Joaquin discussed the Legion getting the best of AAA lately, with Parka blaming Joaquin for Dorian. Joaquin said to trust him. Joaquin made a couple matches for Heroes: a cage match between the AAA Army and the Milita (no specifics) and a Parka/Cibernetico tag match against The Best of La Sociedad, though that was up to Cibernetico to agree.

Tiger & Relampago had no issues as a team. They still lost, Relampago taking a top rope powerbomb for Tiger Cota. With Relampago out of it, Decnnis threw Tiger into the front row.

Alex got Pimpinela with a spinning DDT to take that match. After, Elegido talked about wanting to win the Copa Antonio Pena and also have a apuesta match with anyone in the Militas. The Stones accepted, but we’re waiting for a contract signing.

Before the semimain, Dorian decreed 187 would be kicked out of AAA if they used a weapon, while the Legion team would not. I’m behind on AAA TV, so maybe I’ve yet to see the skit where they explain who has power when. (Probably not.) Anyway, rudos brought in a bat, Lider got a hold of it, and used for the DQ. Presumably, 187 is out of AAA. The Legion stormed the ring, Damian hitting the tecnicos with a shovel. At some point here, Lider was thrown thru a table, and the rudos poured the contents of a Draino bottle on Nicho. Tiger, Laredo, Relampago and Elegido tried to make the save, but the Militia cut them off. Parka & Mesias were able to break thru to make the save.

Main event included lots of brawling and Perro Aguayo bleeding. Alex and the Militia tried to get involved, but Joaquin warned them of the 90 day suspension and they back off. Cibernetico chokeslammed Damian 666 for the pin. Joaquin sent security to force the Perros from the ring, and then asked Cibernetico if he was with them. Cibernetico shook hands and the AAA Army celebrated on the ramp.

Cibernetico was still promising the return of Los Bizarros in an interview with Dos de Tres.

Next taping is Sunday, and could be the last taping before Hereos Inmortales. That card looks like

  • El Hijo de Perro Aguayo vs Mesias
  • Silver King vs Dr. Wagner Jr. (c) [AAA HEAVY]
  • La Parka & Cibernetico vs La Sociedad (maybe LA Park & Zorro?)
  • Torneo de Antonio Pena (includes Elegido, whatever Legion guys who aren’t in the other matches, Vampiro?)
  • Militia vs AAA [cage] (Air Force? Super Fly’s turn?)
  • probably something with the women
  • maybe Jack defends his title?

Elegido & ? vs Los Bello Stones gets held off for Guerra de Titanes.

They’ve had 6 or 7 matches on this show previously, so that’s about it. The top 5 matches have all been made clear (even if the participants have not), so they’re doing better than the last show.

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  1. Saw Emo Extreme wrestle and he looks very much like Cibernetico. He also wrestles worse than Cibernetico if you can believe it. I wonder if he’s related to Ciber and that’s how he got that role only to disappear since nobody else would book him.

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