IWRG, Garza & Aguila retain, Jarrett, Chile

La Primera de Puebla

AAA Wagner (SUN) 09/12 Plaza de Toros de Torreon Coahuila [AAA]
3) Silver King b Dr. Wagner Jr. and El Mesías [IWRG HEAVY]

I thought this was for the AAA heavyweight title, but AAA says it was for IWRG’s. Silver King won by beating his brother, which Silver King says would happen again if they meet at Hereos Inmortales.

Mascara Dorada & Mistico had matching outfits, but not enough to get the tag titles. No full results, but Garza & Aguila retained with help from Tirantes.

AAA tapes tonight in Tlalnepantla. Octagoncito defends the minis title against Mini Histeria, Extreme Tiger & Relampago try to co-exist and the main event is a sort of rematch from Verano. They teased Electroshock and the rest of the Maniacos making The Decision tonight, though they’re not on the card. I suspect they’re taking their talents to La Sociedad anyway. (And I think that joke has expired already.)

SuperLuchas says Jeff Jarrett will be in Mexico from 09/26 to 28 on behalf of TNA. No mention of which company he’s here to talk to, but I’d presume AAA.

It is the WWF Welterweight championship on the line on Thursday in IWRG.

Heroes en el Ring has bios of Espectro Jr. (who sounds like either the big boss at the end or a secret opponent; cool either way) and Gronda (who needs to be quoted)

Although his apparent physical strength would seem to indicate otherwise, Gronda´s wrestling style is not purely about power. This giant also possesses the ability to construct precise attacks while counteracting the advances of his enemies. Size however does play a part in his game plan. Due to his impressive stature, Gronda often simply exhausts his opponents into submission due to the colossal physical effort which is required to move him.

Okay, I buy that last part.

Mistico, Shocker, Super Porky vs Volador, Texano, Terrible headlines a show in Austin, TX on 10/03. Tickets go on sale Friday.

Rob has random thoughts on recent CMLL & AAA and writes about an early ’95 Guerreras vs Metal/Lover match.

Segunda Caida reviews more Black Terry.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

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  1. What I don’t get about the Chile Lucha thing. The guy in the blue singlet with yellow highlights is carrying what looks like an AK-47 during the pre-brawl hype & march. So why doesn’t he just open fire & shoot everyone? If anyone questions why he murdered 20 other guys, he can claim self defense.

  2. Holy you know what. That RLL clip was something else. Quite possibly the greatest wrestling-related thing I’ve seen all year. Amazing!

  3. The best part of the RLL Chile video for me, was when the guy in the red singlet attempts to powerbomb the other guy, and, rather than slam him down on the hard ground, he tosses him on other guys.

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