09/11 lucha videos

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  1. I stumbled across 100% lucha this weekend when I was trying (unsuccessfully) to find Sunday daytime NFL in Lima. I’ve got to watch a few more episodes to really form an opinion, but I was happy to find out that it aired here.

    Does anyone watch it often enough to know if there was any reason for the last match where the ring was filled with VHS tapes? Quite possibly the most random stip I’ve ever seen.

  2. Damn, I missed recording CMLL on Teleformula 2 weeks in a row and it had Mistico v. Lyger?!?!? When is it on now? I keep recording either ‘Lucha Libre CMLL’ or ‘Luchamania’ in that 2PM Saturday afternoon time slot and it doesn’t air.

  3. @DocSarpolis: They haven’t updated their schedule – both on the website or on their onscreen listings – but as best as we can tell, the show is now airing 7pm PT, 5PM CT, 4PM ET. With them, it may change again.

  4. @thecubsfan: Did they change the time again? Last week’s show aired at 5 pm PT.

    It was a repeat from the previous week. I assume based on them uploading the show to their site this week as opposed to last week that their plan is if they screw around the time again, the show doesn’t appear online until after the repeat.

  5. Man, one day, I’m going to steal a child and name it Cubsfan, because me and my girlfriend don’t actually want to have kids or anything, but we could always steal one, name it after you, and release it into the wild in lieu of naming our first born child after you

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