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Charly Manson told SuperLuchas “Charly Manson, Mr. Aguila, and Hector Garza will face Rey Bucanero, Felino, Negro Casas in a hair match on 09/17“. That’s a lot more interesting match with Garza in it, though Pesta Negra still ought to win. In the interview, Charly points out he and Bucanero are about the same age, started about the same time, and were trained by the same people (Charly says Pirata Morgan, but Hombra Bala as well), so it’s actually a natural rivalry. SuperLuchas has a video interview with Pesta Negra, hyping up the match.

Charly’s interview also has info about Lucha Libre USA – Charly says he’s under a three year contract, signed back in March, but would like to renegoitation the contract to make CMLL the priority.  He was told they stopped filming shows because they were having problems with the cameras and the audios which was delaying tapings (???), but that they plan to start shooting TV in Albuquerque in about a month (!?!?!?), which would be the studio show we’ve heard mentioned. Today is the last currently scheduled Lucha Libre USA show – in Corpus Christi, TX – and maybe they’ll have more info after that.

I guess the Perros del Mal column is rotating thru different people. This week, Damian 666 complains about DF commission not giving them the right to do whatever hardcore bit they’d like, and calls CMLL’s Anniversary main event unsurprising. In case you might have forgotten, Perros del Mal is the promotion where every main event ends in a screwjob and aren’t exactly known for delivering surprising finishes. The shows can be entertaining, but I can’t think of a meaningful main event they’ve run in two years; the only reason they skate is because they run so few shows (and the message board types & the magazines cut them a metric ton of slack.)

Though it was set up on Sunday, CMLL’s waited until last night to announce the Averno vs Charly Manson title match for this Sunday. It’s listed as “Campeonato Mundial Historico NWA de Peso Medio.” That can’t be right; if they could have used the NWA name, why do this whole dance? It’s been a pretty lame dance. Like the sprinkler. Assuming you can trust Charly to have a singles title (and only lose it once), I think he might actually win this to build him up. I put no title change out of reach at the moment.

CMLL’s kept the card at five matches. However, instead of pulling the women’s match, they’ve removed the minis match. So, welcome back Star Fire and Estrella Magica? (I think I may recap Fox next week.)

GranTourismo writes about visiting Arena Mexico as a tourist.

Actual quotes from the Hereos del Ring Elegido bio

“Repent, wicked ones, the king El Elegido is near!”, these were some of last words spoken by AAA founder Antonio Pena before he passed to the great lucha  match in the sky. At first, the arrival of El Elegido did cause a something of a frenzy; but it was mostly among the female fans who were enamored with his impressive physical attributes. Before long, discussions of his good looks gave way to observations about his fine abilities in the ring. Soon Pena´s suspicions were confirmed, as El Elegido became the symbol of quality Mexican Lucha Libre.

It’s a good thing this is a blog, because I can laugh for five minutes and then continue typing like nothing’s gone wrong. On the other hand, if this was a podcast, I could do a dramatic reading of this passage. Anyway, they also have a Zorro bio.

AAA’s site notes Extreme Tiger & Relampago teaming up has some interest. Also, they wonder if anyone will just get suspended 90 days to help out the Legion or AAA in the main event. Black Abyss and the Psycho Circus really have nothing to lose.

The Gladiatores writes about Mini Olimpico working on the rudo side on Monday; he seemed to be feuding with Electrico and it may have been a permanent switch. Hopefully Ras de Lona will explain this. Given Pequeno Olimpico’s age (44), there may be a plan for how he’s going to end his career going to wrap up.

Mascara Dorada, four belt champion. Who was his second, who also was wearing a Dorada mask?

SuperLuchas has a post saying the Guadalajara Demon/Santo show was canceled because the luchadors were pulled off the show. That doesn’t really make any sense, because all of those guys were indy guys, and it’s not like there was another big indy show elsewhere they worked instead. Maybe it’s what they told people.

Cesar notes Tiffany debuting on Tuesday and wonders how she’ll be used.

FMLL is bringing in Latin Lover, LA Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. to Pico Rivera on 09/25.

Random luchador interviews, in bullet points

Cronicas Y Leyendas looks back at Fabuloso Blondie.

Ras de Lona has hype for the anniversary show.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.


DTU (SUN) 09/26 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Ludark Shaiten vs Flamita, Muerte Bucanera, Sexy Lady, Tacuba
2) Zumbi vs Hormiga, Tribal
3) Daga vs Eterno
4) Sexy Star & Tony Rivera vs Chica Tormenta & Tigre Cota
5) Fabi Apache, Gran Apache, Mari Apache vs Negro Navarro, Trauma I, Trauma II
6) Paranoko vs Aero Boy, Violento Jack, Dance Boy [fans bring the weapons]
7) Silver King vs Crazy Boy

Poster here. Fifth match is my pick for match of the year. Doesn’t matter that it hasn’t happened yet.

I think Tony Rivera is here as a completely random indy person. I have no idea what AAA would do with him.

Silver King is listed here as “M.A.L.O.”, just like the guys on the next DTU show. Is this a DTU thing? Is this an AAA thing they’ve done on TV but have forgotten to mention elsewhere, again?

09/11-12 Lucha Times


AAA-US: Verano remainder bin. Relevos AAA, Jack/187 vs Legion/Nosawa, and Perro Aguayo Jr.’s in ring return.

52MX: La Militia (CMLL) & Puma King vs Guerrero Maya, Tigre Blanco and Molotov, which is alone enough to sell me. Main event adds Lyger/ReyBuc/UG vs Valiente/Rush/Toscano. Close.

LATV: if they air a new episodes, this taping week had everything air but the opener. So surely Molotov/Sensei vs Disturbio/Durango (a double Molotov week?!?) and probably a repeat of the minis trios. By the way, I figured out the accidental break during this past week’s show did not overlap between airings, so I might be able to frankenstein together complete versions of both matches. If I can find the time. Edit: so they didn’t air the tercera (I thought they did) so that’ll definitely air. Maybe with a rerun, hopefully without.

GDL: last week’s show still isn’t up on the internet, so who knows. This is supposed to be the Lyger/Mistico week. Guess we’ll see! Edit: that aired, so instead of seeing Lyger vs Mistico, the main event is Atlantis & Mr. Niebla vs Rotoporky & Maximo. I hate you, Teleformula.


CMLL-MEX: Back to Saturday, back to recent footage. Tecnico Bicentenario tournament + Pesta Negra vs Invaders + time for more?

AAA-MEX: Mari vs Sexi for the women’s title, Metal/187 vs FdT/Electro in a street fight, and Ciber/Mesias/Parka vs Hernandez/Perro/Zorro.

CMLL-FOX: Yoshihashi/Cancerbros vs Fabian/AirForce + Invaders vs Hijos de Averno (Olimpico’s first unmasked match.)

C3: Dorada/Negro + rudo Bicentenario tournament

Puebla: they skipped ahead a week; Sombra/Volador is on YouTube already. That brings them back up to a same week turaround, so this show builds up the Dorada/Mistico tag title challenge.

ACM: dunno.

Perros: All that’s left from the expo: the opener + Angel/Hijo de Misterio/Hijo de Park vs Bestia/Warrior/TJP. That’s actually an interesting show.

IWRG-TVC Deportes: They’re back! Sunday, 10pm to midnight. No idea what.

CMLL-TFN: skipping the anniversary show week and evading the Gran Alternativa, that leaves Avernos vs Maximo/Toscano/Volador and Ultimo Guerrero vs Jushin Lyger for the Heavyweight Championship.


AAA-PERU: A triple header of storylines that went nowhere: Ishimori & Morishima challenges 187 for the tag team titles, Cibernetico & the Clowns wrestle in an atomicos, and Pimpinela teams up with the WagnerManiacos. I guess that tag title change did start the Nicho/Lider tecnico turn, but the wrong team came back to drop the belts, CiberClowns are in the same place four months later, and I’ve forgotten they forget the whole Pimpi deal.