Perro, Alebrije, Rayo

Perro Aguayo Jr. has a new column on MedioTiempo. He doesn’t care about the results in his feud with AAA and he doesn’t understand why Parka, Mesias and Cibernetico get along since they’ve feuded. Perro talks about some unnamed person who criticizes the Perros style, saying all styles are (equally) valid, but he’s a legit enough wrestler to have gone to the Pan American Games multiple times except his father wouldn’t let him. (????) Anyway, this guy – Perro’s refuses to name names, which is a weak way to go for a rebel – is old and can’t move so and Perro wouldn’t want to do his current style.

Alebrije says his weight and size will be a big advantage in the cage. He doesn’t want to go to the end, but if he does, he’d like to face Ultimo Guerrero or one of the Hijos de Averno.

Rayo de Jalisco talks about his feud with Atlantis (he says they went 40 minutes in their singles match, which probably converts to 15) to Fuego en el Ring. He’s headed to Japan soon, so he might be done for now after Sunday’s show in Guadalajara. His father has undergone surgery on his feet and knees in recent days.

ESTO looks back at past CMLL anniversary shows. probably a few  more of these to come tomorrow. SuperLuchas looks back at the last Anniversary show to have a cage match main event, in 2007.

BlogCritics has some thoughts on Heroes del Ring after trying it out at Konami’s Gamers’ Day.

Via Lucha2000, CMLL says social media/twitter accounts of Mistico & Volador are fake, though Sombra’s Facebook account is legit (though not linked.) It’s a pain, but they really need to put a list of confirmed real accounts.

Colt Cabana has an interview with Rocky Romero, who might have some lucha stories to talk about. Audio autoplays at the link.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and the August edition of Lucha World magazine.

CMLL put up the lineup for the 09/07 Guadalajara card. It’s the same exact lineup as the 09/05 card. That’s probably not right.