luchablog chat: CMLL Anniversary show, this Friday

Of course. Chat starts at 8:15pm central, CMLL Anniversary show starts at 8:30, cage match starts sometime after 10.

I’ll have the relevant results on here and on twitter, but come join the chat on Friday. We’ll be talking about the CMLL results, puzzling together the card for the next AAA show, arguing about whatever Konnan just said to send the internet into a fury, and maybe discuss the end of seasons. I may bake some cookies. It’ll be the usual.

I have the strong suspicion September is going to be a very interesting month. This’ll be a fun way to start it.

3 thoughts to “luchablog chat: CMLL Anniversary show, this Friday”

  1. It’s been 3 weeks Cubs since Dos Caras Jr. debut as Alberto Del Rio and you haven’t made a mention of it. I think it at least deserves a comment, since you were giving the man hell for about a year.

  2. This really has nothing to do with the chat on Friday. It might be a good question during the chat, but it does remind me I should’ve closed up comments for this post.

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