Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors #6 (08/20/2010)

Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV, 08/07/2010

Thought to time this recap again to show up just before the show, but…oh well.

They really shouldn’t have started the show with the wedding. How could anything follow that?

I am unclear why they had on screen graphics for a radio show, but I do give them credit for how fast they put one together.

Pequeno Halloween is great, but so is Rebecca Reyes. A wonderful couple.

RJ Brewer/Mascarita Dorada was about as good as it could’ve been. I do find it outstanding that Brewer needed – REQUIRED! – outside interference to beat a man half his size.

Expected more crazy go nuts from the tag team title match, and it really didn’t come together as well as the last PR Powers match. It could be the other team, but it’s probably more that a tecnico/tecnico match was tough for them to work out, especially when they’re still trying to protect everyone.

Last week, I wondered why they went to a large building if they were not going to show the large building. This week, I learned how wrong I was. That place looked horrible every time they turned up the lights, exposing how few people were there and how empty it all was. There were plenty of shots where you could see it this week, but it was the worse during the street fight.

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  1. i think thay learn thier lesson LLUSA can attracted a bigger crowd than roh and others if thay had a place like tna impact zone were eveything compact their shows will look better

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