Hereos del Ring roster, latest version

They released a roster to 1up yesterday. There are slightly different rosters for the 360/PS3 version and the Wii(/PSP?/DS?) version. They’re a rare double fail.

Just 3 weeks ago, the official Facebook site for the game posted a roster, which is quite different from the roster linked above. There are 17 guys listed last time who are out of the game – the likes of Alex, Nicho, Teddy, Gladiador. Sorry, Crazy Boy, you’ll have to make yourself in the game. Their Facebook page has since deleted those roster pages (1, 2) from its site, but Google still has a cache of those pages (1, 2). My guess is the people who run the facebook are some PR team that copied a list off wikipedia, and maybe didn’t do the best job of checking to see if the list was actually right. Those pages are dated 07/10, so they probably pulled it a few weeks ago, decided to pretend they never existed, and so it’s just become evident now. Also, people really should stop trying to delete things on the internet, there’s always a copy floating around somewhere.

The other problem is the list of guys who are the PSP/360 version and not the Wii version. Assuming there’s reasoning to have different rosters (maybe they thought the Wii version would sell better with female wrestlers, though that doesn’t explain why Sexi Star wasn’t included), I’d figure the guys to get removed would be the ones who aren’t actually with AAA any more or aren’t on TV. Cut Charly, Psicosis, Gronda and maybe Alan Stone and they’d have the room.

They went a different route, cutting Silver King, Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, and the guy on the cover of the video game, Dr. Wagner Jr. That is unfathomable, so much so that either that Wii roster is just wrong, or there’s some sort of DLC coming to add those guys very early on. That they left Doctor Wagner Junior out of the AAA video game on purpose with no plans to add him is impossible to believe.

(I’m still pre-ordering the game, when we’re a week or two away and they’re not moving it again, but I’m glad I’m getting the PS3 version.)

Complete lists follows.

in both (new/returns in blue)

Abismo Negro
Alan Stone

Charly Manson
Kenzo Suzuki
Killer Clown

La Parka
Psycho Clown
Super Fly
Vampiro Canadiense
Zombie Clown

PS3/360 Exclusive

Dr. Wagner Jr.
Extreme Tiger
Jack Evans
Silver King
Marco Corleone
Espectro Jr.

Wii Exclusive

Faby Apache
La Fresa – no one seems to know who this is; old Pena gimmick, maybe?
Mary Apache


Alex Koslov
Chris Stone
Crazy Boy
Groon XXX
Joe Lider
Juventued Guerrera
La Parkita
Mascarita Divina
Mascarita Sagrada
May Flowers
Nicho el Millonario
Pimpinela Escarlata
Rocky Romero
Teddy Hart
Último Gladiador

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  1. The chances of them releasing actual characters with their own moves as DLC for a Wii game is pretty far fetched. I wanna know why the hell only one member of the damn Circus is in this game.

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