Oriental unmasked, killers sentenced

El Cuadrilatero En Accion
Oriental/El Cuadrilatero En Accion

The newly unmasked Oriental talked to the press after the match, while Wagner talked a bit, didn’t explain much.

María de Los Ángeles Sánchez Rueda and Estela González Calva, the two women found guilty of murdering La Parkita & Espectrito II last June, were sentenced to 47 years in jail. If they’re required to serve out the full term, it’s essentially life in prison for both.

Reynosa wrestler La Imagen, Jorge Cantu was killed by gunfire. He was 30. It sounds as if the Army was chasing drug dealers, and Imagen and two other people were caught in the middle.

The IWRG Heavyweight title match for the Lucha Libre Expo will actually be Silver King defending against Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., not Parka. Makes much more sense.

Gato Volador lost his hair to Red Flamer on Sunday.

Ovaciones hypes up the tag title match on Friday.

Silueta declared to Fuego en el Ring that she’d expose the fake Puerto Rician Seuxis on Sunday. A fake Puerto Rician in lucha libre? Crazy! I don’t have a good feel about who’s going to lose their mask, but I do find it unlikely that a new mom would work hard to get back into ring shape only to lose her mask a couple masks after returning. Also on Fuego, Mascara Dorada talks about his latest win.

DJ Spectro has a recent interview with El Halcon.

Perros del Mal mentions Perro Aguayo Jr. will be on the cover of a magazine that comes out in August. Better Housekeeping? (No. Dos de Tres.)

Amapola talks to ESTO about wrestling at the Lucha Libre expo and being part of the fashion show.

Rob looks back at his favorite Oriental & Histeria memories. They all seem to end in the early 2000s.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update. Kris will be on Rubber Guard Radio tomorrow.


EAW (SAT) 07/17 Palenque de la Feria de Chilpancingo, Guerrero
1) Dinamita Kid & Silver Dragon vs Neurosis & Startron
2) Kung Fu Jr. & Turbo vs Cerebro Negro & Thunder Black
3) Chico Che, Pollito, Pollo vs Chamuel, Henry, Ku Kux Klan
4) Eriak DErico vs Leiva Jones, Caroline More
5) Gigante Extasis vs Shawn Spears
6) El Hijo de Rey Misterio & Máscara Púrpura vs Super Crazy & Zumbido
7) Hijo del Lizmark & Latin Lover vs el Fauno & Juventud Guerrera

It certainly is an EAW show. Fauno is a debuting guy. At least I found out where Zumbido is.

PdM (SUN) 07/25 Centro Banamex
1) Drastik Boy, Konami, Naruto vs Heddi Karaoui, Pesadilla, Ragde
2) Celestial & Cósmico vs Mr. Aguilita & Talisman
3) Annie Social & Diva Salvaje vs Medussa & Shelly Martinez
4) el Ángel, El Hijo de Rey Misterio, Hijo de LA Park vs Bestia 666, Black Warrior, TJP
5) Supreme vs X-Fly, Damián 666 [hardcore]
6) el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Hijo del Lizmark vs El Hijo Del Santo, LA Park, Marco Corleone

Updated lineup via R de Rudo – this one makes more sense. We do get that Damian 666 vs Supreme match, and the foreign guys do make the card. Hijo de Rey Misterio doesn’t get his match, but he only challenged for it, the Perros didn’t actually accept.

11 thoughts to “Oriental unmasked, killers sentenced”

  1. Luchawiki says Celestial and Cosmico are the same guy. So very confusing.

    Anyway, you don’t actually know where Zumbido is until he shows up this Saturday.

  2. I guesse this is the end of the Oriental character now tha we know he’s not Oriental. Bad idea to unmask him.

  3. In my defense I got tired of writing or I could have put down more about Histeria in the 2000’s. Oriental ended exactly where it should have.

    At what point will EAW give up?

  4. @Rob:

    Whenever Soto (or his money marks?) dry up. Whoever it is that is keeping them alive they are a big mark for US women indy wrestling. Their next few shows they’re bringing in seemingly random women Amber O’Neal & Leva Bates. And it’s not like they are attempting to draw on whatever little name value the women have as EAW’s renamed them.

  5. @Flashmagic: heh. EAW book the strangest foreigners. I don’t know who Leva Bates is but Amber O’Neal is beyond awful. At least someone like Rain is decent. Maybe she can get work here again. All the EAW I’ve seen has been mediocre. The novelty wore off after the first few minutes of the first show.

  6. Ha – I used to help Amber try to find bookings in places I worked that were interested in actually booking girls, but weren’t just looking for babes to rat out to get on shows. Since she was hot, that was a problem. Good for her getting work in Mexico.

  7. EAW books random foreigners because the promoter and booker have told the guy getting them that they want people that have never been seen on a national stage.

  8. @Jake: Let me fix that for you…

    “EAW books random foreigners because the promoter and booker have told the guy getting them that they want people that *will* never been seen on a national stage.”

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