07/12 CMLL in Nuevo Laredo Results (Oriental loses his mask to Mistico)

CMLL Gutierrez (MON) 07/12 Plaza de Toros Lauro Luis Longoria [@ENRIQUEYNIESTA]
1) Mini Alebrije, Mini Cibernetico, Mini Oriental b Astral, Mascarita Dorada, Shockercito
2) Lady Apache, Lluvia, Marcela DQ Rossy Moreno, Sexy Flor, Tiffany
3) Ephesto, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero DQ Charly Manson, Juventud Guerrera, Mr. Águila
4) Hijo de LA Park, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Scorpio Jr. DQ La Máscara, Máscara Dorada, Valiente
5) Héctor Garza, Terrible, Texano b Jushin Lyger, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
6) Místico & Oriental L Atlantis & Olímpico and Averno & Último Guerrero and El Alebrije & Volador Jr. and Histeria & La Sombra [ruleta de la muerte]
7) Místico b Oriental [mask]

Oriental is Noe Astro Moreno Leon, according to CMLL Magazine. (Astro?) He’s 37, 17 years a wrestler. No photo as I type this, but I’m sure we’ll see one later.

Order of escape went Sombra & Histeria (who’s now free to put his mask up on Sunday), Alebrije & Volador, Averno & Ultimo Guerrero, and Atlantis & Olimpico. Mistico beat Oriental in what seemed like a longer match than the entire eliminations prior.

The big news from the rest of the show was the appearance of Dr. Wagner Junior. It was hinted early this morning by SuperLuchas, and was revealed a few hours before the show by Box Y Lucha. He appeared after the fourth match, first posing with his son, then circling around in the ring, all while wearing his AAA World Heavyweight Championship belt (he also had the video game belt.) When he went to the ring and posed, everyone was under the impression this meant Wagner had left AAA and was joining CMLL as an Invader. Upon returning to the locker room, Dr. Wagner instead told the press that he was on good terms with AAA, and everyone backed off saying he was leaving.

People who are on good terms with a company do not show up at a major show for a rival promotion, being as visible as possible. (And CMLL isn’t going to let Wagner be part of the show unless they wanted him to be part of the show.) Wagner may end up staying with AAA, uninterrupted, but this was a very petulant move to make a point; AAA’s treated him as an afterthought to the Perros del Mal entry, the Parka/Park story, and the Legion stuff, and Wagner has always felt he should always be on top. That seems to be the wrestling he grew up with – in the UWA, Canek doesn’t seem to have ever been cycled down the card or bypassed much; he was either the top rudo feuding with the top tecnico, or the top tecnico feuding with the foreign guy. That’s spot doesn’t really exist in either promotion, but Wagner can sure come close by jumping back and forth between them like this.

This bit was also totally hilarious. For most of the night, AAA only response was an enigmatic tweet from Lucha Libre AAA, which is so unspecific, it may have nothing to do with any of this. Later, Dorian Roldan seemed surprised, generally the same reaction as everyone else, though his post gives the impression Wagner left.

Dr. Wagner is not listed on any lineups from now until the Toluca taping, though he’s almost surely scheduled to be on the Lucha Libre Expo show, and there’s probably other lineups AAA hasn’t put on it’s website. At the point, the expectation is he’ll still be working AAA shows, but it’s a fluid situation. We’ll know more soon. This would be a fantastic time for Cesar to come back from his blog vacation.

If we’ve been reminded of anything, anything at all, from La Parka vs LA Park, is that people remember what they saw in the ring and not what was said later. Tonight, Wagner made people believe he’s jumped to CMLL, and interviews aren’t going to undo that.

Not a lot of noteworthy material on the show. Tiffany was the mystery woman for the Invaders. At the time of the press conference, she was still working AAA spot shows, which is probably the reason they kept it quiet. Not sure if this means anything for her brother, ex-Night Queen Jessy, who’s also working AAA spot shows without making TV in years. Tiffany was a big part of AAA in the mid 2000s, but really hasn’t been used much since Pena’s death and since she left to have a kid. She was still good, last we saw her, and would fit in well in CMLL if that’s why she and they want to do.

The first four matches all did have non-clean finishes. Mini Cibernetico broke the law by removing Dorada’s mask before pinning him, but was not charged with the crime. No specific word on the DQ in the second match, but it probably was for one of the rudas pulling Lluvia’s mask. DQ in the tercera was for Ephesto taking off his own mask and tossing it. (Mephisto hurt a knee in this one.) DQ in the cuatro was for Scorpio (Solitario replacement) fouling and unmasking Mascara. Japan vs Renegados finished clean, we think.

Before the opener, Enrique pegged the crowd as 10,000, 80% of capacity. It’s possible it filled up a bit more as the show went on. The show was to be taped for television, but there were lots of pre-show issues – many guys only made it last minute, and the lights were late – so who knows.

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