updated AAA Heroes del Ring 2011 roster (41 of 31 known)

Felt like time for a new post. The old one is here.

Heroes del Ring just updated their facebook with the roster. Part 1 & 2. I’ve highlighted the new additions.

Abismo Negro
Alan Stone
Alex Koslov
Charly Manson
Chris Stone
Crazy Boy
Dark Cuervo
Dark Ozz
Dr. Wagner, Jr.
El Elegido
El Mesias
El Zorro
Extreme Tiger
Groon XXX
Jack Evans
Joe Lider
Juventud Guerrera
La Parka
La Parkita
Marco Corleone
Mascarita Divina
Mascarita Sagrada
May Flowers
Nicho el Millonario
Pimpinela Escarlata
Psycho Clown
Rocky Romero
Silver King
Super Fly
Teddy Hart
Último Gladiador

That’s 40 (plus Mystery Guy, maybe). Earlier reports had 31, but I’m perfectly fine with getting 10 more people. I’m thrilled to get to play Video Game Teddy Hart; this is how the man was meant to exist. Crazy Boy too. Minis, after all! (note: start campaigning for Mini Vipers next – no Mini Abismo Negro, no peace!) The real big news is the Groon vs Gronda match can finally happen, which is really worth the $60 alone.

With those going in, a few people are now missing

El Brazo
Kenzo Suzuki
Monster Clown
Murder Clown

1up mentioned playing as Brazo, so he was in here at one point. The other four have all been seen in video. They could always be added later in via downloadable updates, and I guess people would be more likely to pay for guys like these who are still around then for guys long gone. I’d rather have the complete Psycho Circus trio than May & X-Pac, but not everyone might feel that way.

Other guys not in the game: Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Decnnis, Billy Boy, Gato Eveready, Tiger Cota, Rio Bravo, Tito Santana II, Relampago, Gato Eveready, and Gran Apache. Only the first two are even a slight surprise.

7 thoughts to “updated AAA Heroes del Ring 2011 roster (41 of 31 known)”

  1. Although with the new inclusions I hope the story mode has added features like:

    A Detective game where you must deduce who deuced in the Juvi Juice’s bag

    Force May Flowers out of the company after 17 years of loyal service by not using him (seriously who is gonna play as him when you have the better tranny in Pimpi, & the only match type is singles so can’t even do a woman/man/mini/tranny tag match)

  2. L.A. PARK !!!
    I WANT L.A. PARK !!!

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