top six stories of the last two weeks

A slow two weeks.

1) Scorpio passed away

2) CMLL officially announced the CMLL vs Invasors show for Nuevo Laredo next Monday.

3) La Parka got his win back over LA Park, on the AAA TV taping in Merida.

4) World Cup overshadows everything, no one tries to do much

5) The Fabian/Dr. X feud has ramped up again, as well as other midcard feuds. Meanwhile, Ovaciones says Inferno en el Ring is coming soon.

6) Perros del Mal announced their card for the Lucha Libre Expo card (which might be their last card as an independent promotion for a now)

Other stuff
– Rocky Romero turned rudo, joined the Legion
– Mr. Niebla returned
– Silver King won IWRG’s heavyweight title, as AAA continues to dominate IWRG in their feud
– Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie won the mixed tag titles
– Psicosis and Ultimo Guerrero feuded in Guadalajara
– Passion Cristal took Sexy Gladys’ mask. Dr. Cerebro took Bombero Infernal’s hair.
– Rayo de Jalisco Jr. retained the WWA Heavyweight Title over Universo 2000.
– Relampago explained he had no reason to turn on Extreme Tiger. A day later, he explained he turned on Extreme Tiger for a reason he refuses to explain. Neither are on television much, so it doesn’t really matter.
– Twitter fights!

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