07/03-04 Lucha Times

box. One return from World Cup hiatus! Possibly not the one you want.

AAA-US: Part 1 of TripleMania, with the minis match, the women’s match, the four way tag and Wagner/Electroshock. I look forward to “flipping channels and saw Go Shiozaki on lucha libre, how weird” tweets this weekend.

52MX: Women’s match, and Yoshihashi’s debut on this show.

LATV: probably a rerun

CMLL-GDL: next show in line had a Mascara/Terrible/UG vs Asesino/Maximo/Porky relevos, but who knows.


CMLL: the 3 of the top 4 that aren’t the women’s match. Pesta Negra vs Sombra/Mistico/Shocker

AAA-MEX: the first post-TripleMania taping, with the Legion vs 187/Cibernetico

Fox: notInfernales/Dr. X vs Dimante/Fuego/Rush, and Lyger & the Dinamitas vs Maximo, Porky and La Mascara in a match that actually happened.

C3: More Demus/Bam Bam

Puebla: still not on the schedule

Monterrey: Is it on? Is not on? I dunno. I’m guessing still off for World Cup.

Perros: back on the schedule! probably back still on the DF show.

CMLL-TFN: up to 07/03, so the Euforia/Okumura/Virus vs Maximo/Metro/Mictlan match might be an unaired one to slip thru.

5 thoughts to “07/03-04 Lucha Times”

  1. Hey Cubs, do you know if its pretty much the same stuff that aired on the PPV because I’d really like to not worry for 2 weeks about recording AAA and spend that time doing other things like complaining about Teleformula and LATV.

  2. I thought it was interesting that during Galavision in the US, they plugged Triplemania and showed clips of the Parkas match, which I guess was they’re way of saying it starts airing next week.

    The promo I’m talking about appears to have replaced one of those tv tapings promos that aired in Mexico.

  3. Yeah, if that’s where we’re up to on CMLL-TFN, then that unaired match you mention does, in fact, turn up.

    I’ve got a listing of
    Metro, Mictlan & Maximo vs Euforia, Virus & Okumura
    La Mascara vs Felino (Lightning)
    Super Sky Team (La Sombra, Volador Jr & Mistico) vs Los Hijos Del Averno (Ephesto, Mephisto & Averno)

    I’ve actually made a start on doing up a masterlist of CMLL-TFN matchlists, but I’m missing one set of matches. Once I find them, I’ll forward the complete set on.

  4. I’m usually better than this but I failed. That Mictlan/Maximo/Metro match was not an unaired match. It did air originally. Noticed it while watching just now. Good match… shockingly.

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