07/02 AAA TV Lineup (Carmen, Campeche)

AAA TV (FRI) 07/02 Domo del Mar, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche
1) Laredo Kid, Mari Apache, Súper Fly vs Billy Boy, Jennifer Blade, Tigre Cota
2) Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs Alex Koslov & Christina Von Eerie [AAA MIXED TAG]
3) Jack Evans & Rocky Romero vs Damián 666 & Halloween
4) Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Hernandez & Zorro
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & La Parka Jr. vs Chessman & LA Park

Lineup from here.

2010 AAA TV Chart –  with a lot of changes!
Projected Air Date (#946)
Mexico: 07/18
US: 07/31

Part of a two tapings  in three days swing around the Yucatan peninsula. A lot of the same people will be working on the Merida Sunday taping, but given the few amount of people on this show (4 tags and 1 trios, has to be close to a record), there’s got to be more people coming in for later.

This should be the next taping after tonight’s show. Since TripleMania is airing, AAA will have a big lag again between when shows are taped and when they air. They’ll probably take the last week of June and the second week of July off from taping anything. Verano de Escandalo will be on 08/06, so they’ll have after Merida and will only need to tape two more shows. We should have a solid idea about what the big matches are for that show by the end of this taping weekend.

The third match – the tercera! – is the first Perros del Mal vs AAA match. Although they haven’t been so great of late, I seem to recall CMLL giving a bit better spot to it’s invaders. On the other hand, Damian and Halloween might get a clean win.

I hesitate to suggest Chessman being in the main event might mean someone remembers he’s owed a title shot. Much more likely for this to be about Wagner/Park. No sign of Vamp or Electro, but one of those guys is never in matches anyway.

If the idea was for the Legion to win every title, it makes sense for them to picked up the Mixed tag titles here (and send Aero off to Fuerza Aerea oblivion), but that’s what I wrote last time, and now they might have dropped that idea. Still, these titles don’t mean anything and the decision here might as well be a whim. No sign of the maid stipulation in terms of matches, but that should be more vignettes and less in-ring.

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  1. a few thoughts.

    AAA Mixed Tag Titles: Aero Star & Fabi Apache (c) vs. Alex Koslov & Christina von Eerie
    Title change here. Ruda interference giving sexxxxxy ass CVE her first AAA title.

    Jack Evans & Rocky Romero vs. Mexico’s Most Wanted (Damian 666 & Halloween)
    This match will be off the charts and will steal the show. Can’t wait for this to air.

    Is there a tentative air date for these matches?

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