Heroes en el Ring player select screen

AAA Lucha Libre, Héroes del Ring

Hey, 31 spaces! Right on.

Going left to right, it looks like we have Parka, Elegido, Gronda, maybe Mesias, Charly Manson, Octagon, Electroshock, Zorro, Chessman, and Cuervo on the top row, and Doc Wagner, an unflattering photo of Konnan, and Psicosis on the bottom row. The red highlighted guys are rudos, the blue are tecnicos. Obviously, you’ll have to unlock a lot of guys as you go on.

No hint on the last two, so far.

If anyone else sees E3 previews of this game, feel free to link to them in the comments.

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  1. @LUKIE: Yeah, from what I’ve read, no tag/trios matches. Not surprising given it’s the company’s first wrestling game (maybe first game ever).

  2. friend of mine sent me this, someone copied the E3 press conference stream and put it on youtube.

  3. I guess its a good thing the commission invalidated the result of La Parka-LA Park or else they’d have to correct the selection screen to read La Parking and the game wouldn’t come out until 2011…

  4. @wakigatame

    Thanks for that link. Now I have the answer to a question I asked a long time ago. I see that they do have a create a superstar feature. That means I can create Latin Lover since those fuckers didn’t put him in the game.

    I can’t beleive that a lucha libre game doesn’t have trios matches. Goes to show how stupid and un-proffesional AAA’s current regime is.

  5. On more thing. Those fuckers didn’t even put tag matches. If there were tag matches I could have created Latin Lover and Lady Gaga, and I could have had them team up in mixed matches against the Apache’s, and the Morenos etc. I could have made them the mixed tag champions. But I guess that won’t be happening since this stupid game has no tag matches.

  6. Thinking about it now

    – Daniel is getting even more creepy
    – the one I had identified as unflattering photo of Konnan may actually be an unflattering photo of El Brazo

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