06/06 AAA TV Results (DF) – TripleMania

Update: AAA says LA Park won. HOORAY.

one last run thru

AAA TV (SUN) 06/06 Palacio de los Deportes, DF [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), Luchas2000, Estrellas del Ring, MedioTiempo, Luchando Libre, La WagnerMania, SuperLuchas]
1) Octagoncito b Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Charly Manson, Mascarita Divina, Mini Histeria, Mascarita Sagrada, La Parkita, Mini Chessman, Mini Psicosis [AAA MINI, Ladder]
2) Jennifer Blade, Rain, Sexy Star b Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache [loser is a maid]
3) Silver King & Último Gladiador b Atsushi Aoki & Go Shiozaki and James Storm & Robert Roode and Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario [AAA TAG]
4) Alex Koslov, Chessman, Hernandez b Heavy Metal, Octagón, Pimpinela Escarlata [seconds hair, cage]
5) Abyss & Cibernético b Vampiro & Zorro
6) Jack Evans b Nosawa, Christopher Daniels, Extreme Tiger [AAA CRUISER]
7) Dr. Wagner Jr. b Electroshock [AAA HEAVY]
8) LA Park defeated La Parka Jr. [identity]

Air Date Wild Guesses:
Mexico: 12/26, 01/02/10
US: 01/08/10, 01/15

Video seems to be slowly going up here

WarriorsX2000 says he’s putting the video up on this page on Wednesday.

Putting the main event together

  • Still waiting for the official AAA results. However, all the mainstream press is under the impression LA Park won the main event and is now La Parka. Most of the fans at the building believed this too – many of them left after the main event ended, and whatever Maricela Pena announced wasn’t done until after El Tri performed. The show went over four hours, so it’s no surprise people left instead of sticking around the concert, and they probably planned the timing of the announcement with that in mind.
  • Regardless of what they end up calling this finish, LA Park is going to spend the rest of his life claiming he won this match and no one much is going to argue with him. AAA must be supremely confident Park is not walking out on them, because Park has everything he wants out of this feud at the moment.
  • In a post show press conference, Dorian Roldan said LA Park won the match. That should not be read as a heel character backing up his man, because it appears Dorian turned tecnico as part of the finish. Add to that Konnan and Vampiro having issues in Vampiro’s match, and AAA may be in the midst of a widespread reshuffling of tecnico vs rudo sides.
  • The Perros del Mal appearance would’ve been more dramatic if AAA & Los Perros had not told everyone it was happening. It wasn’t just the internet hardcores who knew, because the initial AAA press release got picked up in the papers and was talked about in previews of the show. Perro said they still considered LA Park one of them, strongly hinting at a run in this match, so it was just a matter of waiting for the spot to happen. It did not help AAA sell out the show – consensus is between 85% and 90%, still good numbers but not the full house.The Perros run-in featured just about everyone who was available to run in, including Super Crazy and midcard guys like Pesadilla & Ragde, a guy in a black ski mask who might have forgotten his actual mask (Leo?), and Damian 666’s yet-to-debut son (who many assumed was a new Pequeno Damian 666.) X-Fly had his belt, and I’m rooting for it to somehow end up back with AAA before this angle is over. Skayde’s crew was not there, and I don’t think the minis were there either. Charly Manson, Hijo del Lizmark, (Super) Nova and Marco Corleone were all in California for the Masked Warrior shows, so we probably won’t know if/how they fit in here until the next TV taping on 06/13.In a bit where everyone was wearing black pants and a black Perros del Mal shirt, Black Warrior wore the whitest white vest and pants he could possibly find, and no Perros del Mal logo. Somewhere, Sangre Azteca just nods his head sadly.
  • The Perros del Mal run in was completely like an Invasion, and they appear to be setting up a AAA vs Perros del Mal War. Which means half of what Perro Aguayo Jr. said at his press conference was a lie, and calls question into the other half (they’re not going away as a promotion.) I wonder if other sites will call him on that this morning?

And everything else, based on reading results and listening to the stream

  1. AAA did not do a great job explaining what was going on in a few matches. This was one – AAA would talk about Abismo defending against all the minis, but who those minis were rarely clarified.The minis had issues reaching the belt – too high, ladder too low – and La Parkita (shoulder), Mini Histeria (neck? head?) and Mini Abismo Negro (unclear? excuse for losing?) were all mentioned as injured after this match.
  2. Hijo de Tirantes refereed this mach, and directly helped the rudas to win. That was the finish to the hair match, and I suspect this was a lot the same quality as that match. After the match, Gran Apache appeared to argue the finish, but Konnan ordered the tecnicas to go to the back and start their 30 days of maid service right now.Konnan was all over the show. He did color commentary, talked about the background of all the international guys, got involved in matches and may have still be communicating with backstage. There were long stretches during matches where he didn’t anything, but then that might have not been because he was talking to someone else as much as having too many commentators (Jesus Zingia, Dr. Morales, Arturo Rivera, Konnan – and there might have been one more.)
  3. Announcers were embarrassingly ill prepared for the Japanese team. They started to announce them as “Nosawa”, then went silent for a long time, before someone figured out Go and Aoti’s actual names. During the match, they didn’t even try to use their names. They weren’t much better with Beer Money, though at least when Arturo asked Konnan halfway during the match which one was which, Konnan was able to explain it to them. If you did not already know the outsider teams (and most people watching this show would not), you would’ve found it very hard to care about themMatch sounded like it was good. Both four ways were elimination style, and the followed the usual pattern of the team who eliminates another team is the next team to lose. Order of elimination was Team NOAH, Heramandad (with Konnan interfering) and Beer Money clean to Silver King & Ultimo GladiadorIn another invasion angle that was given away well ahead of time, IWRG’s Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. & Hijo de Cien Caras (actually the brother of LA Park) attacked the new champions after the match. These two sides have been feuding in IWRG, and they’re probably doing a tag title match there in the next couple of weeks. Dinamitas Juniors got promo time to explain the angle (which needed to be done), so this was a pretty nice bit for IWRG.
  4. AAA must’ve sent out a press release updating the match listings, because LuchandoLibre knew this was a cage match. AAA’s own site did not list this as a cage match, and the TV episodes did not make that clear. Putting up a cage and taking it down added a lot of dead time to a show that was already lengthy. Without having seen the match, it’s tough to tell if it was worth it. They did use the cage to do some spots, including a Hernandez dive and Chessman doing a moonsault. Order of escape was Octagon, Alex, Pimpi, Herndanez and Chessman. It was a bit of a surprise to see Heavy Metal to take the loss.Piero got his head shaved after the match, and was bald when he refereed the title match later on. As usual on the big shows, Copetes reappeared to work as a unbiased referee.
  5. Abyss & Cibernetico vs Vampiro & Zorro was the match it figured to be. Finish continued the Konnan/Vampiro issue they’ve talked about since Vampiro returned. Konnan tried to throw powder at Cibernetico but got Vampiro, and Cibernetico chokeslammed him for the win.The Legion ran out to attack Cibernetico after the match, but Cibernetico fought them all off. At the time, that seemed really odd, but now they might have been closing a door. Hermandad helped him out a bit as well. After that was over, Vampiro and Konnan argued at the announce desk.
  6. Cruiserweight Title match also sounded good, though it had a strange moment. Opening match tecnico Relampago appeared in an Extreme Tiger mask, then took it off. This confused Tiger (and to be fair, also the rest of the universe), which led to his pin. Relampago is apparently now a rudo, and perhaps this means Extreme Tiger is being moved away from the Cruiserweight Title for the time being.Order of elimination was Nosawa (all the Japanese guys went down first), Tiger, and Daniels. Crowd was very happy with Jack winning the title.
  7. After a cage match, a brawl, and a high spot match, Wagner vs Electroshock worked a slow technical match. It was getting late by this point, and the crowd was not happy with their dedication to mat work, booing portions of this match. Wagner eventually got the win and the title clean with a Wagner Driver.Mesias returned to present Dr. Wagner Jr. with a title. If they’re setting up another Wanger vs Mesias match, I may shut the site down. Electroshock was gracious in defeat, shaking Wagner’s hands.
  8. Crowd seemed more behind Park all night. Match was booked with the idea they’d be behind Parka.Just to go over the end game: Original referee (Copetes?) is knocked out of the ring. Rudo Park gets the advantage and gives Parka a martiente. Parka never moves for the rest of the show. Joaquin Roldan hits the ring to protest this move, and Park shoves him down, though he wipes out Dorian while an elbow swinging around. Park goes to grab the referee to make the count, but he’s still out. Dorian recovers, picks up a chair, and hits Park with it three times, laying out LA Park. Halloween and Damian rush out from the back, clear out Dorian, and drag LA Park on top of Parka. Hijo de Tirantes is right behind the Perros, and counts the pins. The rest of the Perros hit the ring after the match and celebrate, with the AAA wrestlers only turning up later.

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  1. Well, you explaining the main really made a lot of sense. My question is this if La Park(a)’s winning the match stands (although you said that the commission via an announcement by Marisella Pana seems to nullify that), where does the soon to be former La Parka go from here?

  2. I commend you for being able to recap that show and staying 100% neutral. Just the facts, no opinions. I would have gone on about ten billion rants by the 3rd match alone. Good stuff!

  3. @Rob:

    Have to agree with you here. AAA is quite notorious for being rather inconsistent with the stips to their cards but for them to do this kind of crap on their flagship ppv is just ridiculous.

    This PPV was so bad, it made TNA Victory Road 2009 look like an extravaganza. Cringed from beginning to end. It’s as if 90% of everything done was a split second improv or just came out looking wrong by sheer lack of planning.

    Onto PARK. If i were him, i would leave now and never return. What else does he need from them? I’m a firm believer that wrestlers should trademark their own masks and personas themselves and PARK’s situation is the reason i believe in it so strongly. This legal dispute has gone on for well over a decade and has adversely (at least in the beginning) affected him and his ability to get put on cards based on his previous work as La Parka. Best thing for him to do is quit immediately, don the original La Parka attire and continue wrestling. AAA would be forced to do some serious backpedaling if they were to try to stop him at this point.

    Think about if they went to court again over this.

    They make an announcement nulling the match after people begin to leave.

    Probably nobody from commission was there (of course they weren’t)

    they announced on their website and to the press that the Park is indeed La Parka. If he walked away now and they try to stop him, both AAA and Karis LaParka Jr would just lose some serious credibility. Maybe they can unmask Parka Jr but let him keep the bottom bones attire, have him eat a little more and just rename him to Braso de hueso.

    disappointing ppv.

  4. I just saw some of this show on YouTube, Konnan did not “accidentally” throw powder in Vampiro’s face while trying to hit Ciber. Ciber wasn’t near by and the two argued for a moment before Konnan intentionally threw powder in his face.

    Payback for Vamp saying he was with Dorian, not the Legion probably.

    And I have to disagree with 404 – what I’ve seen so far has been between pretty good and really good, so yes announcers not knowing names in match 3 is a problem, but that had nothing to do with the match quality.

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