Perro Aguayo Jr. and AAA, together again (maybe, maybe not)

Hey, don’t blame me, I’m just reading the WON

Perro Aguayo Jr. is going to return at TripleMania in some sort of an angle, unless it falls through at the last minute. There have been previous negotiations to bring him back and do an interpromotional angle with him leading the Perros Del Mal group that have fallen through, and last year the return of El Hijo del Santo, originally thought to be full-time, ended up being him put over saving the promotion from the evil hands of Konnan, and after being put over as the savior, he left the promotion.

Now, the last information I was told is Perro was to appear at Monday’s taping in Leon, to tease a greater Perros del Mal run in on TripleMania. Perro did not appear in Leon, so the assumption is this whole thing is off, in a repeat of what happened in February.

However, today is Wednesday, TripleMania is Sunday, so they can change their minds again. and again. and again. This does not even seem worth discussing again, but it is also hard to completely ignore.

I still believe Perro needs to make a deal with someone, because what leverage he currently has is slipping away. The thing is, I’ve believed the same thing for a long time and they’ve clearly believed different.

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  1. Perrito jumping to AAA would actually be worse than him staying on with a dying promotion. He’s better off sticking on his own until it’s time to come back and feud with Mistico. Perrito going to AAA just means he’ll have to deal with tons of politics and guys like Wagner, Mesias, Cibernetico will be using all the influence they have to try and convince Dorian to let them be the first ones to beat Perrito on TV. (After Konnan gets to do it first of course)

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