AULL, Lucha Libre Expo, Mexico preview

CMLL AULL (WED) 05/26 Arena Lopez Mateos [R de Rudo]
1) Elemento & Ronny Ventura b Love Angel & Rey Krystal
2) Astro Boy & Gallo Tapado Jr. b Fishman Jr. & Skándalo
3) Chucho el Roto & Iron Love b Super Panda & Tortuguillo Ninja and Rey Krymen & Terry 2000 and Cerebro Maligno & Herejia [AULL TAG]
4) Robin Maravilla, Rocky Santana, Sadico, Yakuza b Angel o Demonio, Leon Rojo, Ovett, Perico
5) Epitafio & Judas el Traidor b Mr. Potro & Sepulturero I [relevos suicidas]
6) Mr. Potro b Sepulturero I [hair]
7) Hijo del Fantasma, La Máscara, Místico b Dragón Rojo Jr., Histeria, Psicosis

43rd Anniversary Show. Mistico got Dragon Rojo in the main event. Sepulturero was hurt in the relevos, but insisted on wrestling (and losing) the hair match. Super Panda & Tortuguillo Ninja were the champions, broke up during the match, and want a mask match.

Attendance was said to be 70% full, and this show will air on AYM Sports at some point this weekend. Wish they made it clearer when shows were on that channel.

Yesterday was the kick off press conference for July’s Lucha Libre Expo. The website is up, though there are no lineups (yet), and the calendar of events seems a little misarranged. Either that, or Saturday just has a lot more stuff announced then the rest. As far as promotions, DTU & “Blue Demon Jr.” run on Friday, FILI (?), CMLL and IWRG run on Saturday, and Perros del Mal and AAA run on Sunday in the main ring. They’re also setting up an EAW style double ring, though no EAW show is listed. (They announced a show, so it’s oversight.) Instead, it’s the El Pancracio show on Friday, and a CMLL student show on Saturday. Other events for Saturday include a Shocker concert, a Que Monito contest, and a Fabian el Gitano show. I hope there are equally wacky things yet to be announced for the other days. Tickets are 150 pesos per night, a steal, and they’re expecting 28,000.

”]Perro Aguayo, world weary

Most of the press conference was all the groups talking about the show they plan on running and posing for photos (including Mistico posing with two big CMLL fans.) AAA was not on the dais, having said they wanted to do their own press conference in their own building. That was not the entire story; in the middle of the press conference, Silver King, Ultimo Gladiador and Kenzo Suzuki ran in to continue the angle with IWRG, talking about doing crossover matches. While they were going, according to the version Silver King gave to the AAA website, Blue Demon Jr. yelled at them for interrupting the press conference, and the CMLL guys refused to acknowledge them.  Record’s recap of the events says the Maniacos were kicked out of the press conference. The rest of the press conference was about the different Mexican promotions uniting to prove Mexican wrestling is better than WWE, and this bit sort of ran counter to the uniting idea.

The press conference was also notable for that great photo over there, which I plan to overuse in the coming months.

Other recaps of the show clarify the Blue Demon Jr. show is an NWA Mexico show, which would  be the first since April 2009. When Demon earlier talked about running tournaments to decide his NWA champions in July, this seemed like the logical place, but there wasn’t any specific mention of of such at the event. Demon did say he was planning in bringing Oliver John, who he has been feuding with in the NWA (and who he’s doing a bit with for the Viva La Lucha show – hmmmmmm.)

The DTU show is said to include a Lola Gonzalez match. What?

More recaps: Espaladas Planas (most detail), iSports, WagnerMania, MT.

ESTO previews today’s Arena Mexico by photographing Giant Bernard in the wild. We’re intended to believe he’s in Mexico to be a tecnico despite a) every NJPW guy has been a rudo and b) they already announced him as a rudo next week. Is it dumb or insulting? (It’s typical.) The semimain is also an angle for next Sunday, trying to heat up the Maximo/Taichi feud.

More previews: SuperLuchas, Ovaciones.

The volcano in Guatemala has caused this Sunday’s CMLL show to be postponed. No new date has been announced.

Sombra says traveling to Japan was one of his early career goals. NJPW‘s preview teases him as “Mr. Perfect” for his execution of moves. They also spotlight the springboard reverse tope con giro he stole from Aerostar – poor, poor Aerostar.

As mentioned in the comments, the MTV2 Behind The Mask show will now air on June 26th, with the Masked Warrior show starting in July. The first taping is now allowing children 5 and up to attend, though I bet they don’t want them running around the casino.

A “LuchaMania USA” (FMLL) show on July 17 just outside of Los Angeles in includes Santo, Park, Demon, Rayo, Cien, Mil Mascaras, Pirata Morgan,  Tinieblas and more. I’d like to see the business plan on that one.

TelevisaDeportes will host a chat today at 5 with Psycho Circus to talk about TripleMania, a show they are not scheduled to appear on. Should be fun!

DJ Spectro looks at Rene Guajardo,

Ohtani’s Jacket watches Black Terry, Negro Navarro, Villano IV vs Blue Panther, Ultimo Dragon, Olimpico match from the UWE show.

Sombra in BOSJ preview

New Japan starts it’s Best of Super Juniors tournament this Sunday. Sombra is the sole CMLL participant, it doesn’t have a lot of direct relevance back to Mexico. NJPW seems to be sorting thru the non-Mistico portion of the roster, either because they haven’t decided on any one else they might want to bring in as a regular, or they just rather have a new guy each time. CMLL guys have fared poorly in NJPW this year – the only wins for any one are the tag/trios wins Negro Casas picked up on his tour, and that success is outweighed by losing the Middleweight title – and there’s no particular reason to expect the trend to change with Sombra.

However, it’s still a tournament, and breaking down tournaments is still fun. Even funner when the tournament structure is actually made clear before it starts, and not changed half way thru. For fun, a preview of Sombra’s schedule.

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