Maximo/Taichi, Wagner/Electroshock, TripleMania to air in Japan

All the talk about Maximo vs Taichi brings up Maximo losing his hair to Okumura last year. He’s going to look really dumb if he loses again. The press conference said that match will be the main event, which means the heavyweight match of doom slides to 52MX and the relevos match will be on Fox Sports. Figured something like that would happen. Not really sure which main event I’d rather see, which is a totally offensive statement to Maximo and Taichi. NJPW picked up the story and Taichi says Maximo has accused him of “also being gay”, so clearly tensions are high. The Gladiatores has video of the contract signing. Superluchas wonders why this isn’t Mascara’s spot; my guess is that match is down the road. Kcidis says this one looks very predictable.

Dr. Wagner says Electroshock was a bug in the dark before joining the WagnerManiacos, no one knew who he was until Wagner shined his light on him. Basically, Wagner sees himself as Hector Garza, except he’s still actually the good guy. Meanwhile, Electroshock says he will not accept help from the rest of the Maniacos in his match, and plans on using his technical skill to win. He’s the bad guy.

While TripleMania will only air on PPV in Mexico and not for many months in the United States, a two hour version will air on 06/28 on Japan’s Samurai! TV. (Thanks to Alfredo.) This probably means it’ll be on the internet around 06/29, even if no one rips it straight from the PPV.

CMLL says Atlantis vs Volador is signed for 06/01 (fan appreciation cut prices, twice in a week) but has held off on putting the entire lineup so far.

Brazo de Plata says losing weight helped him beat Asesino Negro, and wouldn’t mind a hair match with Satanico next. I think there’s a line for that one.

El Hijo del Santo and his lawyer dropped by Mexico City’s Attorney General office to work on a lawsuit about copyright violations, but didn’t want to talk about who they were suing. Which surely makes sense from a legal sense, but you don’t usually get much secrecy when walking around in your silver mask.

Speaking of Santo, Perro Aguayo Jr. did a video interview pushing the idea of a Perro vs Santo in a hair vs mask match in Mexico City’s Zocalo city square. That’d be a great visual – wikipedia says they fit 210,000 there for a Shakira concert – though it seems highly unlikely.

Ultimo Guerrero is willing to defend his heavyweight championship against Misterioso (which also seems highly unlikely), and challenges Rayo de Jalisco and Dr. Wagner while he’s at it.

Sexi Star is on billboards promoting the Natural Geographic Tabu show. Sexi and Alex Koslov will chat tonight on Probably not just with each other.

Ohtani’s Jacket returns with a review of Black Terry & Cerebro Negro vs Trauma I & Trauma II.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and the Morenos in All Japan Women’s.


AAA HEAVY METAL (FRI) 06/18 VD+, Mexico City
1) Metalium vs Destroyer
2) Canelo Casas & Sendero Luminoso vs Cazador & Punker
3) Cinthia Moreno & Fabi Apache vs Jennifer Blade & Sexy Star
4) Cibernético & Heavy Metal vs Kenzo Suzuki & Zorro

First Lucha N’ Roll concert/lucha libre show. The non-AAA wrestlers are said to be Heavy Metal trainees.

CMLL (TUE) 06/01 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Nube Roja vs Cerveruz
2) Angelo & Magnum vs Ebola & León Blanco
3) Gallo & Metal Blanco vs Asesino Negro & Malefico
4) Stuka Jr. & Valiente vs Shigeo Okumura & Taichi
5) Blue Panther, Máscara Dorada, Místico vs Héctor Garza, Terrible, Texano

Garza gets to team with Terrible and Texano. Suck to be Averno right now – Mistico’s beating you at every occasion, and Hector’s going to steal two of your followers. With both the Light Heavyweight and Welterweight championships in play, perhaps the Occidente tag team champions will also defend sometime this anniversary month.

05/29-31 Lucha Times


Since I’ve got no place else to say this at the moment and will forget again in the morning…

As mentioned yesterday, CMLL scored a 2.3 rating. They were on Sunday. Televisa aired a lot of commercials. It was a very low rating. However…

rating the week before CMLL moved: 3.4
rating the week after CMLL moved: 3.4

The big dropoffs happened the second and third weeks of the move. Moving it Sunday and all those commercials are probably a factor, but it’s not as those problems didn’t also exist the first week, and no one jumped off that week. There has to be other factors, like the content.

The two main storylines over the last two weeks has been the Japanese trio quickly winning and then losing straight matches to drop the titles and Mistico cementing himself as a tecnico team. The Mistico angle is a outright rewrite of a well received storyline from weeks ago and fall back into matches that have been done many times over the last five years. The trios title feud has featured a weak championship team of a career undercard wrestler artificially inflated to fit the spot, a wrestler on half year stay who has not impressed in his stint, and a wrestler who is hyped as super talented but hasn’t really had a chance to prove it (and one still so anonymous,’s own recap of Tuesday’s show currently lists him as ‘Taichi’), versus a team of liked (but not super liked) tecnicos with no particular connection between them. These are not the most compelling issues. Meanwhile, the most interesting storyline in CMLL, and the one they’re actually pushing the hardest, is CMLL vs the Invasors, and it has yet to be represented as a match on CMLL’s main show.

The other thing to keep in mind is Mexican ratings are very fluid. CMLL has dropped 1.1 in two weeks, to a low number. In those same two weeks, SmackDown has dropped 1.4 points, and there’s no concern for that show. Since the start of the year, CMLL has dropped or gain 0.5 in a week at least 6 times (there’s 4 weeks with no numbers.) If the rating dropped to something like 2.1 this week, I’d be concerned, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it just as randomly bounced to some number of 3.

AAA-US: Aerostar/Relampago vs Billy/Decnnis in what should be a fun match, Daniels debut in a cruiserweight trios, and La Parka vs La Park in trios doesn’t quite come off

CMLL-52MX: Cats/Durango vs the All Marooned Squad of Horus, Metalico and Starman. I wonder what Durango Kid thinks of the Invasors? Also, Metro, Rush, Valiente vs Dragon, Euforia, Vangelis.

CMLL-LATV: if they pick up the next week, it’s a really good looking minis trios and Poder Virus vs Fuego/Stuka/Sagrado

IWRG-TF: no new episode in four weeks, not sure why I’m bothering. Could one of the dozen people who cover IWRG ask what’s going on with this show? Does anyone who writes about lucha libre on the internet watch (non-WWE) lucha libre on TV?

CMLL: Still on Sunday, so this seems to be a long term switch. Show features entirely predictable Bernard/StrongMan break up, the entirely forced Maximo/Taichi feud, and a nice looking trios which will probably be clipped. I don’t know where you live, but the weather is looking pretty great here on Sunday; not a wise idea to spend it inside watching this show.

AAA-MEX: Torreon taping, with a tag title match, an arrest, and a main event with no particular finish.

CMLL-FOX: show with Fabian/Dr. X feud and Maximo/Taichi feud. This show is NOT a winner this week.

C3: insta-Volador/Atlantis feud and Tanahashi’s final match, for now. Not really a lot great on this show.

Puebla: Dorada match should air, or someone’s asleep at the controls.

ACM: maybe 3-5 from this past Sunday, lots of AAA (though maybe not the AAA you want in all cases.) Maybe Tiffany actually makes TV?

Perros del Mal: Charly Manson vs X-Fly. No, really. They aired SLP last week, which means this should be the Tijuana show, so maybe one hair match and undercard match, and then the cage match and the semimain next week? Which would put them on the DF taping the week after (3 days after the Masked Republic PPV debuts, so maybe not?)

By the way, nothing is more amusing than last week’s show starting with a Mr. Aguila promo. Oops! Truly, they are the difference, in editing this shows way ahead of time.

CMLL-TFN: if I’m back synced up, this is the week with the minis match?