05/22-24 Lucha Times

box. Besides the normal shows, there’s a half hour special on MTV2 called “Lucha Libre: Behind the Mask” airing Monday night at 8:30 (and then repeating a bunch on MTV2 and MTVTr3s the next few weeks.) It looks to be an introduction to lucha libre for the Masked Warrior show.

AAA-MEX: the first half of the last AAA taping from April: a near relevos AAA, a cruiserweight trios match that’s said to be pretty good, and WagnerManiacos vs Maniacos.

52MX: Women’s trios and Invaders vs Porky/Garza/Toscano

LATV: if a new episode airs, a great looking minis trios match and 2/3rds of Poder Mexica + Virus vs Fuego, Stuka, Sagrado. That’ll work!

IWRG: if a new episode airs, Copa Higher Power (YouTube reviews didn’t sound high on it) and Oficials vs Gringos.

CMLL-MEX: Still on Sunday, at least from all the listings I’ve seen, though CMLL hasn’t mentioned it yet. Is this new the status quo? Top 3 includes title match (probable change) and Mistico vs the Triad, reliving the highlights of 2006.

AAA-MEX: the taping that just got done two hours ago. I’d refer you to the results post but, uh, I think I’ll sleep and do it tomorrow.

CMLL-FOX: notRomanos/Arkangel vs Metro/Rush/Valiente, and Sombra vs Psicosis

C3: top 4 from Tuesday, including Sombra/Volador/Porky vs Atlantis/Negro/Rey

Puebla: Listed as only 1 hour on Monday, and they don’t have Sunday’s listings up yet. TVCDeportes is weird. Taichi/Mascara and Atlantis/UG/Tanahashi vs Garza/Shocker/Strong Man are good bets to air.

ACM: Maybe not the main from Tuesday? Though that would be weirdly interesting?

Puebla: Top 2 from San Luis Potosi? Angel/Nova/Oriental vs Damian/Halloween/Aguila looks pretty fun.

CMLL-TFN: Unaired minis match! (It’s Pequeno Olimpico vs Pequeno Universo, it sounded better when I left that part out.)

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  1. Ohhh… sad to say that the unaired minis match doesn’t air on Monday either. It may be lost forever!

    My listings have

    – Mascara Dorada, El Hijo Del Fantasma & La Mascara vs “Poder Mexica” (Sangre Azteca, Dragon Rojo Jr & Black Warrior)
    – Hector Garza, Shocker & Mistico vs Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrero & Dos Caras Jr

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