Lucha Libre USA to run first show on June 6th, air on June 19th

A poster has surfaced advertising Lucha Libre USA, which appears to be the Marco Corleone group. Some googling leads to the promotion’s website, which previously was the website promoting the AAA US tours.

The poster advertises a 06/06 in southern California casino. Tickets are $20 to $50. The website also mentions a show in noted lucha libre hotbed Springfield, Massachusetts on 06/19, where tickets are $30 to $55. (Last we heard, the first show was supposed to be in Las Vegas a week earlier, but there’s no sign of that show anywhere.) These tare expensive prices for a new and unfamiliar promotion, but maybe being on MTV2/3 will get people to take a chance.

A blog entry promoting the Springfield taping says the Lucha Libre USA show will start airing on MTV2 &3 on June 19th. I believe the show is supposed to be a half hour, so maybe they’d tape about 4 weeks of material a taping.

The talent roster is slightly different between the posters for each show and the website, which is not very unusual. Besides Marco, it looks like they had plans of using LA Park in a big role. That won’t work for the first taping (same day as TripleMania); Park is shown on that poster but not listed in the lineup. Mascarita Dorada is also involved, and we’ll have to see how/if that affects his status with CMLL. Other names you may know: Neutron (listed as a rudo; still currently working in GDL, unless it’s a new one), Oriental, Mini Halloween (Dorada’s opponent), Mentallo (masked Canadian wrestler who was training with CMLL for quite a while but only got a couple matches), Hijo de Lizmark (who seems to have remasked), Charly Manson, Octagoncito, Salsero (and Pierroth Jr.), Super Nova, Tinieblas Jr. and Magno. “Mini Dragoncito” is listed, but I believe that’s an indy wrestler and not Ultimo Dragoncito from CMLL.

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  1. They should run a show at the Nutter Center in Dayton, because they couldn’t possibly do any worse than TNA is going to.

    I saw Octagoncito and immediately made the decision to watch this show.

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