Valiente (probably) off King of Trios

Message from CHIKARA. I added the underlined emphasis.

Based on the fact that he isn’t returning calls or emails from us, it seems increasingly likely that Valiente of CMLL is not planning to board his international flight tonight to head to Philly. We had Valiente confirmed back in January, and the weekend of King of Trios was cleared by the CMLL office for him to attend. However, CMLL is advertising him for cards that would preclude him appearing with us this weekend. This exact same situation occurred back at the 2007 Aniversario weekend with Arkangel de la Muerte. We didn’t discover that he had changed his mind until we were waiting at the airport, and he didn’t show up. We are holding out hope that this is a miscommunication of some kind, and that Valiente will honor his commitments with us this weekend. In a related note, both Claudio Castagnoli and Ares are scheduled to land back in the US tomorrow afternoon, several hours before the tournament begins.

I was working under incorrect(/WRONG) assumptions until I read this, so I wanted to make sure this got out there.

There was a moment where I was going to actually try to make it out to these shows – it lasted five seconds before I realized I had zero free Saturdays in April – and I probably would’ve been pretty disappointed not to see Valiente. I probably would’ve also gotten over it because the rest of the tournament looks pretty good and it still will be a fun time.

Me encantaría escuchar la explicación de Valiente, si alguno de ustedes que hacen entrevistas en México puede ayudar. Yo estaría más que feliz de pagar el favor si es necesario.

Edit: CHIKARA has just announced Turbo is off the show as well and they’re cutting ties with Skayde.

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  1. “We regret to inform all our fans that Valiente and Turbo will not be appearing as advertised at this weekend’s King of Trios 2010.

    Also affecting the tournament, we regretfully report that CHIKARA is severing all ties with Jorge “Skayde” Rivera effective today.
    We share in your extreme disappointment, and be assured that this was not part of our plans in any way, shape or form. Please accept our sincerest apologies in the wake of these truly unfortunate circumstances.”

  2. All the talent arranged through the Perros del Mal office arrived on schedule without further incident.

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