Bracio de Oro vs Mini Black Warrior, Dorada, ex-AAAers

(Record, Notimex) Bracito de Oro and Mini Black Warrior signed the contract for their mask match yesterday. Bracito explained he was tired of Mini Warrior cheating to win, and he has his own surprise planned (I hope it’s a plan to stop the cheating.) Mini Warrior believes his greco roman wrestling skills will take him to victory. Bracito notes the 04/30 card isn’t announced, so maybe they can be the main event. (Nope.)

Any other day, Mini Warrior would be an overwhelming favorite. On Kid’s Day? Not so much.

Fuego en el Ring notes Mascarita Dorada working the undercard of an AAA show. He’s in a mask match against other non-AAA minis, so he’s probably just brought in separate.

Latin Lover, Psicosis, Tirantes, Cuije, and Histeria attended a second arbitration meeting between the ex-AAAers and AAA over the rights to their name. They’re still talking, and have one more meeting on 05/12 before this actually goes to trial.

TripleMania tickets went on sale Wednesday. The blurb on the website says Electro/Wagner and Parka/Park, which is what we’d expect based on TV. Still haven’t heard anything about a new contract for Wagner, but they haven’t set up a different title contender. Tickets are going from 1546 Mexican pesos ($126 US) down to 183 pesos ($15).

Mistico (and Salvador Lutteroth) opened a community center. I guess rudos aren’t allowed to cut ribbons.

Estrellas del Ring has Red Master losing his mask in Arena Aficion, and Chavo Infernal losing his mask in Veracruz.

R de Rudo has a bio of a IWRG wrestler Heros, who does spell it with an H.

Cronicas Y Leyendas complains that the kids don’t know the holds nowadays.

Has CHIKARA said anything about Valiente’s status for tomorrow?


CMLL (TUE) 04/27 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Johnny Dinamo vs Quca
2) Nube Roja & Virgo vs Infierno & Malefico
3) Neutrón & Palacio Negro vs Asesino Negro & Máscara Mágica
4) Ebola vs Exterminador [hair]
5) Brazo de Plata, Héctor Garza, La Máscara vs Averno, Mephisto, Texano

This seems quick, but Ebola & Exterminador have been not getting along since mid March. Wonder if Asesino Negro will get involved in the main event.

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  1. Latin Lover has used his name outside AAA in the past so I don’t see why it’s an issue now.

  2. If the Chikara twitter is right, Doesn’t look good for Team Mexico coming in. Plane problems apparently.

  3. yeah, the twitter says they are having problems. i was sent another press release from CHIKARA yesterday and they still had Valiente listed for Team Mexico.

  4. CHIKARA sent out a note to it’s fangroup saying Vailente hasn’t been returning emails and doesn’t have his plane ticket, so he’s probably not coming.

  5. Regularly I will have a discussion with fellow wrestlers when discussing some of the “superindy” promotions, such as PWG, ROH and Chikara. The discussion goes like this: “Is “wrestler X” good because he is in this promotion, or in this promotion because he is good”.
    By that, I mean that you have soooooo many fans out there that will automatically praise a guy who wrestles for, oh lets say ROH, but would crap all over a guy who might actually be a better wrestler who is NOT in ROH. Because a guy has more exposure, he is suddenly better.

    When looking at this Chikara/Valiente situation, I kinda want to apply that discussion to this. Ever since it was announced that Valiente would be appearing for Chikara, cubs had added his two cents of “this could fall apart at any minute dealing with CMLL”. So, since Team Mexico was obviously one of the big draws for this show, why does it seem like Chikara is getting a free pass for advertising a name they probably never really had booked? Do they get a free pass because they are Chikara, or do you *really* think CMLL booked Valiente into an indy show in the US on a Friday? I’m not saying Chikara pulled a blatant ‘bait-n-switch”‘ to screw the fans over or anything like that, but I seriously do not think that you can blame CMLL for booking their talent on their own show in their own country. Either Valiente was never really booked for this show, or he took a booking in case he wasn’t working for CMLL that night (and he is).
    The way I see it, no matter how much the smarks on the ‘net may love Chikara, it is hard to spin this as “CMLL’s fault” and not Chikara or Valiente.

  6. The only thing I think Chikara is guilty of would be not letting people know sooner that Valiente is probably not coming. BUT… in Chikara’s defense this happened to them twice in the past with Arkangel (as Cubs noted) and Oriental. In Arkangel’s case, he never showed up. In Oriental’s case, he did show up even though all indications were he wasn’t going to. So Chikara probably made the decision to hold out and hope this was all just confusion and Valiente would contact them Tuesday/Wednesday saying he is still coming. This probably sounds ridiculous when you put it in the context of U.S. indy wrestling but this is perfectly normal to all Mexicans. I was once involved in a show where a Mexican wrestler just showed up at 8 (the show began at 7) and without even blinking an eye just asked if he could still be put in a match.

    With that said though… the folks at Chikara are not naive when it comes to dealing with Mexican wrestlers and Lucha Libre promotions. There definitely should have been some alarm bells going off when CMLL mentioned the upcoming Valiente tour of New Japan on TV but said nothing about his Chikara appearence. If they really went through the office – it would have been mentioned on TV. It’s not that Chikara is too small to be mentioned b/c CMLL mentioned on TV when Shocker/Strong Man/Lady Apache went to work that tiny show in California some weeks back. So that’d be alarm #1 and that was at least 3 weeks ago. Alarm #2 would have been last Friday when the cards came out to the public and Valiente was double-booked. Surely the folks at Chikara saw these lineups the day they came out and right away should have said something. (refer back to paragraph above)

    My guess is when someone tracks Valiente down for a comment on the situation he will just play ignorant and say he never agreed to anything, just that he would consider it if his schedule was open but when he realized his schedule wasn’t open he never contacted Chikara back b/c by NOT contacting them it would basically be telling them he isn’t coming. That’s just how Mexicans are unfortunately.

  7. Was Valiente suppose to work on a Friday show for Chikara?

    That’s were I’m confused because it would be pretty odd to assume you could get anyone from CMLL to appear on a U.S. indy show on a Friday.

  8. If you believe the chikara spam/newsletter, they claimed valiente was booked through the cmll office.

    I see no reason not to take quack at his word. Chikara is usually not accused of false bookings in this manner, considering the number of times foreign talent has appeared.

  9. Odessa, don’t get me wrong. I’m not accusing Chikara of intentionally false advertising Team Mexico. I’m just saying that maybe they didn’t have the “I”s dotted and “t”s crossed that they should have, and that it was a bad idea to advertise them if they didn’t. Hindsight is 20/20.

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