AAA on Televisa #931 (03/27/2010)

Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Poza Rica, 03/05/2010

this show killed my soul.

Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Christina Von Eerie & Sexy Star:weirdly laid out, lesser than similar matches. Christina was not bad, but it seemed like her first lucha match (because it probably was, I know.)

Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Jack Evans & Rocky Romero: the Hermandad match I don’t quite get into but other people like, so they’d probably like this.

La Parka Jr. vs Silver King: bad. LA Park vs La Parka Jr. is probably going to be worse, but maybe people caring might make it work. Might not. If they knew they were about to do Park/Parka, they really should’ve given Parka the win to end this. AAA stretches out feuds so long that people care less by the time they actually do the match, and are so intent on continuing to stretch it out for spots that they never get around to doing a finish to the feud on TV.

Cibernético & Extreme Tiger vs Alex Koslov & Zorro: Cibernetico having no time for Alex was funny.

El Mesías, Marco Corleone, Octagón vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Último Gladiador: the normal main event. The last bit before Rey de Reyes is about Wagner & Electro, which makes sense from live events but not really as a TV bit.

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  1. Just to confirm your suspicion, this was Christina’s first match outside of the U.S. She had impressed greatly at the AAA LA tryouts and will be heading back there very soon for an extended period of time. (She’s also probably wrestled more guys than girls in the U.S.) She will do well there as she’s one of the best up and coming workers in the States in my opinion.

  2. @KevinK: You should probably also mention what your relationship with her is and how many times you’ve booked her on shows.

    But I do agree with you, when I think of best up and coming workers in the entire United States – the first name that pops up is Christina Von Eerie.

    Seriously though… it’s always funny when promoters overpimp mediocore talent. I mean… the least a promoter could do is try to save face by just saying “she’s learning and can only get better. For her experience level she’s decent right now.” Instead promoters just skip right forward to “future star! Best young talent not in the WWE right now!” You lose all credibility right away. Especially when it comes to overpimping a WOMAN. I’m all for women succeeding in wrestling but just look at the bimbos in the WWE and TNA. You need huge boobs, not wrestling ability. End of story. And the shelf life for a woman in this industry is right up there in length with the lifespan of a hamster (or WSX).

    Since you promote her on your shows I don’t expect you to be able to publically agree with anything I say even though you know I’m right. Hopefully in private you at least know the truth and are giving her some sound advice – i.e. get a boob job.

  3. @Rob

    Well, I guess in a way you have a point, but you act as if I’m an announcer for a company forced to put over talent that I had not hand selected.

    Truth is, I have chosen to professionally manage a small group of workers and she is in fact one of them, and the one I have been able to make progress with thus far. But it is because I believe in her talent and her attitude and who she is personally that I choose to work with her, not because I am forced to. And, as I stated above, it is simply “my opinion.”

    And you are right, most girls who do get selected for WWE or TNA do have big boobs. But if I am asked if I want to watch a match with a girl who can work or a girl with big boobs, I myself will choose the one who can work.

    Is Christina on the level of a Sara Del Ray or a Melissa yet? No. I also haven’t seen anyone, including myself, claim that she was.

    But when you look at “up and coming” girls, factor in in-ring ability, gimmick, look, and attitude/dedication (like who is willing to work hard to become a better worker, travel to get experience, etc.), I definitely count her among the best and most likely to “make it.”

    And I think even Christina herself is aware that bigger boobs = bigger chance in this business. Hard not to be.

    As far as promoting her on my shows, ironically, we have chosen not to use her on the upcoming Viva La Lucha PPV so as not to interfere with her AAA commitments. She was booked to be part of the taping (against Melissa) when it was going to be taped on US soil. But again, why wouldn’t I want to use talent I believed in? I don’t really think anything I said above was over hype. It was her first match outside the US, she did impress at the AAA tryouts (which I had personally encouraged her to come down to LA for & she also impressed at the DG USA tryouts which will air as part of the A&E Bob Saget show), I do think she will do well there (and they do to, or they wouldn’t be bringing her back as there were 6 girls at the tryout and she is the only one so far to be booked), and I think she is one of the best “up and coming” workers (again, why I choose to have the “relationship” with her as you call it).

    My only point in even commenting was to she some light on the comment in the post, that was all. I enjoy reading the comments on this site and thought I’d throw out some of my own.

  4. And to be specific, the only show I ever had any part in booking her on was last summer’s XPW X show and the cancelled Chicago/NY taping – though she is still working that show vs. Melissa despite Masked Republic pulling out from it being a PPV or associated with the show itself.

    So, I don’t know what shows you refer to, but I guess managing her it would be my job to suggest her when asked my opinion on workers. And it’s a suggestion I back 100% or I wouldn’t make.

  5. What’s wrong with liking big boobs? When did that become a crime? I don’t watch WWE or TNA though, but that’s probably not in the top 10 or 100 reasons why I don’t watch those shows.

    Christina’s alright. I’ve seen her wrestle at AWS and PWG shows. She has a wonderful mohawk.

    I am a bit surprised Rob doesn’t like her given his love of punk rock music.

  6. Orizaba looks like a huge crowd. That’s a positive sign.

    Has anyone seen anything about FIFA coming out with Lucha masks for the World Cup?

    And what about AAA toys from the toy convention in NYC?

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