04/30 AAA TV Lineup (Queretaro)

AAA TV (FRI) 04/30 Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro
1) Atomic Boy, Fabi Apache, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Rain, Tigre Cota
2) Aerostar & Relampago vs Billy Boy & Decnnis
3) Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, Rocky Romero vs Alex Koslov, Christopher Daniels, Joe Lider
4) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Chessman, Hernandez, Kenzo Suzuki
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Octagón, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Electroshock, Silver King, Último Gladiador
6) Cibernético, Heavy Metal, La Parka Jr. vs ?, LA Park, Zorro

2010 AAA TV Chart

Projected Air Date (#938, #939)
Mexico: 05/16?, 05/23?
US: 05/29?, 06/05?

Update 04/25: Shuffled lineup due to Mesias’ surgery, and Daniels being added to the show.

Update: AAA’s version of the show includes a previously unlisted opener. First half of the show should be good.

Original Post:

I asked this out below in the Lucha Times post and I’ll try it here too – did anyone watch last week’s AAA from Mexico? None of the usual YouTubers have it up, and I’m wondering how they handled the first five match show for their two tapings bit. There’s only so much time they can kill having Alex and Arturo talk on a studio set, even in AAA, and I’m wondering if they changed plans again. Otherwise, this isn’t going to air for a great while.

LA Park returns to AAA rings after a 13.5 year absence. I had figured they’d hold off on the first match between the two until TripleMania, especially given the likely quality of a match between the two and their desire to hold of doing the big mask match for as long as possible. Guess not. Dorian hyped up a special surprise on the last taping for this show, which would be the mystery spot here. Not sure if that is meant to be Vampiro or someone else entirely.

I had to look this up because I wasn’t sure if I was losing my mind, and maybe you had the same thought:

  • 03/12 – Mesias hurts his shoulder at Rey de Reyes (has excuse for loss)
  • 03/19 and 04/06 – rudos continue to go after shoulder
  • 04/07 AAA.com: Mesias to undergo procedure for shoulder tomorrow
  • 04/17 – Mesias shoulder still hurting as much as ever. This time, Zorro & Vamp given credit for hurting it.
  • 04/20 Dos De Tres: Mesias underwent shoulder surgery, probably but not definite for TripleMania.
  • 04/30 – Mesias, back in action, likely with shoulder taped

Is this the type of shoulder surgery where you’re wrestling 10 days later, but not sure for six weeks after? Whatever. Why do injury angles when you’re just going to ignore them the next week on TV? (See also: LA Park’s martinete on La Parka.)

Flipping Wagner to green was relatively easy. That’s quite a tecnico trio.

Clowns live! And may be tecnicos at this point, not sure.

Jack Evans was scheduled to work for Evolve on 05/01 – announced weeks ago – then was pulled off the show about an hour before this lineup got to the internet. Outsiders booking AAA or CMLL lucha guys is fruitless since they have no apparent power over their schedule and any promises can be unpromised at the last moment; you have to do it thru the promotions, and that seems impossible for most anyone north of the border to do.

I like Relampago’s new lightning mask.

Checking up on The Guys AAA Will Be Building Around:

  • Marco Corleone – left promotion
  • Laredo Kid – not on the card
  • Jack Evans – used in a completely meaningless way in the second match
  • Zorro – in the main event! Least important person in the main event, but still miles ahead of the rest of these guys.

14 thoughts to “04/30 AAA TV Lineup (Queretaro)”

  1. I was flipping between AAA, Puebla, and Fox Sports on Sunday while sorting boxes for packing. But, I think the mixed tag and Dark Family. I honestly can’t remember if the semimain, main, or both aired, but that is probably because of indifference on my part to either of the matches. I think they ran an angle with Konnan telling the Hermanidad that they had to work with him early in the show, so that match probably aired. I feel like the main aired too, so maybe they are going back to one show per week for some of these cards.

    OK, that paragraph probably doesn’t help answer your question at all.

  2. Ciber/Mesias/Metal vs. Lider/Konnan/Nicho

    Wagner/Electro/Silver King vs. Chessman/Kenzo/Zorro aired to finish the show.

    I only saw those two matches in the last hour, which is how I knew about the slot being changed.

    Cubs, you’re so right about holding off on The Parkas. Shame it didn’t happen that way.

  3. @Alan: I think Texmelucan had just 5 matches, so maybe they’ll go to split tapings when they do six matches.

    Texmelucan looked good on television. I’m happy that AAA is trying to improve their production.

  4. I care so little about current AAA that I can’t even be bothered to pretend to be angry that the opener didn’t air.

  5. Just ran across this recent WWE release list on bryanalva… erm… wrestlingobserver.com:

    “Mickie James

    Katie Lea Burchill

    Jimmy Wang Yang

    Shelton Benjamin

    Slam Master J

    Kung Fu Naki (who has been there for more than a decade) ”

    Aside from Yang, Benjalin and Funaki – I have no fucking clue who the other dipshits are.

    Why is this relevant here?

    Those names will likely make up all future AAA luchador/luchadora sorpresas in their lineups. Maybe the future AAA Champ is even there.

    WWE tosses out the trash, Konnan goes digging for scraps!

  6. @Rob: Those that TNA doesn’t scoop up first. They get the scraps, and Konnan gets to recruit the poor bastards to be on the outs with both big American companies.

  7. I had to do a google search on Slam master J. No idea who he was, until I saw the pic and it was Jesse/Ray Gordy.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if all or the majority of them end up in TNA, which will also likely mean they’d possibly go to AAA at some point.

    Every time I see some WWE wrestler released, I just go with the likely destinations being 1) TNA 2) AAA 3) All Japan

  8. Don’t forget about Puerto Rico fredo. The only one that would seem to have a chance of going to AAA is Shelton.

  9. I always find it interesting how Konnan used to always brag about how when he and Pena started AAA they made it successful by using fresh new names like Parka, Rey Jr. & Psicosis. Now guys like Aero Star and Atomic Boy aren’t worthy of five seconds of TV time but if you’ve ever had the luck of falling into a job in Vince’s company you have an automatic right to main event a Triple A show.

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