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IWRG (THU) 04/15 Arena Naucalpan [@gladiatores, Black Terry Jr. (flickr)]
1) Keshin Black b Dragon Fly
2) Comando Negro & Eterno b Guerrero 2000 & Héros
3) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro b Alan Extreme, Dinamic Black, Suicida
4) Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Máscara Año 2000, Máscara Año 2000 Jr. b Chico Che, Ultramán Jr., Zatura [EdM Trios, quarterfinal]
5) Brazo de Plata, Brazo Metalico, Hijo del Brazo de Plata b Bombero Infernal, Maldito Jr., Samoth [EdM Trios, quarterfinal]
6) Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Máscara Año 2000, Máscara Año 2000 Jr. b Brazo de Plata, Brazo Metalico, Hijo del Brazo de Plata [EdM Trios, semifinal]

Good day for rudos. Capos take the first half of this tournament, face next week’s block on 04/19.

CMLL (THU) 04/15 Arena Xalapa [La WagnerMania]
1) Jaguar & Linerna Verde b Guerrero del Infierno & Lobo Solitario
2) Black Thunder, Skándalo, Vampiro Metálico b Demonio Negro, Skayde, Turbo
3) Super Brazo L Virus, Tony Rivera, Máximo, Texano Jr., Rush, Shigeo Okumura, Taichi [hair]
4) La Sombra & Volador Jr. b Felino & Místico

Not totally sure on the hair loss there. Recap says “El Brazo”, but that doesn’t make sense. Both Super Brazo and Brazo de Oro were supposed to be in this match, and Rush replaced one of them. Brazo de Oro just lost his hair two weeks ago, so maybe it wouldn’t be him. Order of escape was Texano Jr., Taichi, Rush, Tony Rivera, and Maximo. Virus beat the Brazo out due to a distraction.  Whoever it was, he was spotted hiding their not-actually-shaved hair under a cap leaving the building.

Felino yanked off Mistico’s mask in the third fall, allowing Volador to pin him for the win. Mistico wanted a singles match with Volador and Felino’s hair, which doesn’t help in the least.

[poll id=”63″] Previews of Arena Mexico’s show: ESTO, Ovaciones, Notimex. I’m leaning towards Diamante & La Sombra but I have no strong feeling about who’s coming out of this one.

SuperLuchas interviews Mictlan, who says he went on the CMLL tour of Europe and just decided to hang around Europe for five months. I don’t remember him actually be on that tour, and he hasn’t been around in more like 8 months. Anyway, Mictlan says he’ll be back in CMLL soon, maybe within a month. On the same topic, it’s been two months since Zumbido said he’d be starting in CMLL in two months.

DJ Spectro has links to movies La Llave Mortal, La Verdad de la Lucha, El Enmascarado de Plata, Las Lobas del Ring, Los Tigeres del Ring, and El Senor Tormenta.

Terrible says Disturbio remains him of a smaller version of Terrible and Texano, and maybe Disturbio could team up with them if he proves himself in this tournament. Somewhere, Vangelis is very concerned.

Sensacion de Luchas posts a bio of Angel Blanco.

R de Rudo has a bio of Generico.

LuchaWorld has 60-51 of the 2009 Countdown, and points to video of the ex-AAA run-in in Puebla. Sure seems like everyone (especially the cameraman) was waiting for the surprise appearance. Maybe they spotted them far sooner than I could.


EAW (SUN) 05/02 Polideportivo Universidad UAH Pachucha, Hidalgo
1) Máscara Púrpura, Súper Nova, Turbo vs Black Thunder, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr.
2) Gran Alebrije & Pollo vs Henry & Monsther
3) Gigante Zodiako & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Gigante Extasis & Hijo de LA Park
4) Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Tinieblas Jr. vs LA Park & Psicosis II

1 year anniversary card. They took 7 months off! They’ve run nine whole shows!

…actually, that’s a little better than most. I take it all back.

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  1. That’s what I thought when I saw the video as well. Guy kept pointing towards the fans, so he must have either seen them earlier or knew this was happening.

    BTW, 2 months in Mexican time is actually 2 years.;)

  2. “Mictlan says he’ll be back in CMLL soon, maybe within a month.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This can not happen, for the love of god NO! Anyways moving on…. Gran Alternativa group A, I think Cancerbero & Mephisto will win tonight. Eventhough I think Semental will be main eventing Arena Mexico shows five years from now, He won’t win this tournament this year.

  3. I hate life.

    I knew that shithead would pop up just as soon as I remembered he was gone the other week and mentioned it on twitter.


  4. Oh and I went with Garza/Polvora winning but this group seems like a toss-up. I will be jumping for joy if Semental makes it to the finals, let alone wins the entire tournament. Cometa/Panther winning would also please me. The only disapointing winner out of this group would be La Mascara/Sensei or Terrible/Disturbio.

    But really… who cares? The winner gets to lose to Rouge’s team in two weeks.

  5. I went with Garza/Polvora too. Seems like Garza needs to win a couple of matches after the turn and Polvora has to be seen as a favorite here too.

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